Applying the Formula for Luck

Learn how other CEPAs, including our President & CEO Chris Snider, position their practices for increased lead capture, new client onboarding, and client delivery efficiency.

Scott Snider stated in his recent article, “As the need for exit planning becomes more prevalent to business owners, the need for high caliber advisors rises as well. Over the past three years, the exit planning marketplace has experienced growth and change as it responds to the business owner’s needs. Those needs, in part, call for advisors to reinvent themselves into something more: The Advisor of the Future. A holistic business advisor. A true and trusted advisor that an owner can turn to for high-quality business advice, regardless of specialty (accountant, wealth manager, investment banker, etc.).”

Not all exit planning advisors provide the same kind of service or advice (just like not every CEO operates the same type of business).  CEPAs operate within the exit planning ecosystem with a common philosophy but harnessing unique skills, services, and products. And every CEPA has an individual goal as to how using their exit planning knowledge will help them achieve better results (even if they aren’t billing for exit planning at all). Regardless of who you are in this industry, you need to be prepared to help owners succeed at transition when they are ready.

As Sean Hutchinson, 2015 Exit Planner of the Year, would say, “Don’t be the dog that caught the car.”

And he’s right. The best CEPAs don’t wait to land their first exit planning engagement and then bank on luck. They prepare. They know the numbers. They have the tools. They have a plan. They have the right conversations and ask the hard questions.

Here are a couple of things advisors are doing to prepare for ‘luck.’

Forming Teams:

Owners are approaching transition, succession, and exit and the market demand continues to increase. We see CEPAs from across the nation forming collaboratives (with as many as 10 CEPAs per team) to address the project demands and fulfill the work.

Productizing Advice:

Many CEPAs operate in firms that serve the main street to upper middle market businesses. This can pose a “billable hour issue” as many smaller businesses may struggle to afford exit planning services and advisors will struggle with the pressure to discount their advice, thereby creating a dysfunctional working relationship between client and advisor. Rather than fall into this trap, CEPAs have become wise to creating structured products for how they manage an exit planning engagement, so that an owner can easily understand how it will work, how much it will cost, and what success metrics will be. This product structure has helped CEPAs serve “Main Street” while maintaining their competitive billing rate. [request a copy of Best Practices Mastermind Roundtable: Main Street Exits (Billable Hours & Streamlining) recording]

It is a good time to be an exit planning advisor. Whether you are an advisor who runs a standalone practice or has added exit planning services into your existing firm’s offerings, you are surely interested in effectively attracting good clients, managing engagements, and growing your impact in your target market.

At EPI, we aim to provide you the best content in the industry to enable you to be prepared when the opportunity arrives. Reach out to our team or explore our national, regional, and virtual programs to explore how to leverage the expertise, advice, and lessons learned from the experts so you can reach and exceed your goals. Visit or the full event calendar.

Join us for the new Exit Planning Practice Launch (Virtual) Workshop with EPI CEO and award-winning author, Chris Snider, who not only created the Value Acceleration Methodology in his own practice as a product to streamline communication and outputs, but managed to go from startup to major influencer by adopting certain strategies, tactics, and relationships that helped keep his private exit planning practice top of mind.


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Lucky one

Don’t be lucky. Be ready.

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