119 CEPAs Join the EPI Network in July 2023


The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential is awarded to those professionals who meet the experience and education requirements, attend the credentialing program, and pass the proctored exam. The CEPA credential is accepted by more than 18 major designations and organizations, making it the most widely endorsed and accepted exit planning credential in the marketplace today. To learn more, visit www.EarnCEPA.com.

CEPA Online | Class of July 2023

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the newest Certified Exit Planning Advisors to join the growing exit planning community!

  • Jelani Akil, CEPA, Edward Jones, Scottsdale, AZ  [read more]
  • Brandon Angotti, CEPA, Union Savings Bank, Danbury, CT  [read more]
  • Guy Baker, CEPA, Wealth Teams Alliance, Irvine, CA  [read more]
  • Steve Benjamin, CEPA, Addison Capital, Conshohocken, PN  [read more]
  • Matthew Birkett, CEPA, Rockefeller Global Family Office, Newport Beach, CA  [read more]
  • Lisa Bosse, CEPA, Lisa Bosse Coaching & Communication, Milford, OH  [read more]
  • Travis Bovee, CEPA, Edward Jones, St. Louis, CA  [read more]
  • Elisabeth Brady, CEPA, Forefront, Austin, MA  [read more]
  • Robin Brower, CEPA, First American Builders Inc., Geneva, OH  [read more]
  • Christine Brown, CEPA, Edward Jones, Hallettsville, TX  [read more]
  • Daliah Bui, CEPA, Beach Fleischman, Tucson, AZ  [read more]
  • Richard Calhoun, CEPA, Laidlaw Wealth Management, North Wales, PA  [read more]
  • Meredith Campbell, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Fort Worth, TX  [read more]
  • Erick Carlos, CEPA, Texas Private Wealth Advisors, Dallas, TX  [read more]
  • Christopher Carr, CEPA, Citizens, Providence, NC  [read more]
  • Nicole Choi, CEPA, Nicole Choi, San Diego, CA  [read more]
  • Stephen Coffey, CEPA, Edward Jones, Edgewater, MD  [read more]
  • Christina Coffey, CEPA, Edward Jones, Prince Frederick, MD  [read more]
  • Charles Cole, CEPA, AMPF, Austin, TX  [read more]
  • Christopher Conner, CEPA, Strong Valley Wealth & Pension, Fresno, CA  [read more]
  • Michael Conti, CEPA, Raymond James, Novi, MI  [read more]
  • Elizabeth Courtney, CEPA, Financial Cornerstone Group, Rockledge, FL  [read more]
  • Robert Cruice, CEPA, Eaton Vance, Boston, CA  [read more]
  • William Dahm, CEPA, William Dahm, Johnston, NJ  [read more]
  • Matthew Daly, CEPA, Edward Jones, Long Valley, NJ  [read more]
  • Matthew Delaney, CEPA, Boulay Financial Advisors LLC, Minneapolis, MN  [read more]
  • Tom Doll, CEPA, TD Partners LLC, Bellingham, WA  [read more]
  • Brian Eder, CEPA, Voyage Wealth Architects, Minneapolis, MN  [read more]
  • Kathleen Estrem, CEPA, RBC Wealth Management, Naples, FL  [read more]
  • Michael Ferconio, CEPA, Alex Brown & Sons, Chicago, MI  [read more]
  • Monica Filpo, CEPA, J.P. Morgan Chase  [read more]
  • Taylor Finchum, CEPA, Edward Jones, Sulphur, LA  [read more]
  • Maggie Fitzgibbons, CEPA, Edward Jones, St. Louis, SD  [read more]
  • Adam Gould, CEPA, Dogpatch Capital, San Francisco, CA  [read more]
  • John Gould, CEPA, Morgan Stanley  [read more]
  • David Graff, CEPA, Edward Jones, Zephyrhills, FL  [read more]
  • Tyler Gugliuzza, CEPA, Edward Jones, Covington, LA  [read more]
  • Amber Gunderson, CEPA, Pro-Fi 20/20 CPAs, Suwanee, IL  [read more]
  • Amanda Hamilton, CEPA, Amanda Hamilton, Elyria, OH  [read more]
  • Kevin Hartnett, CEPA, Sensenig Capital Advisors, Collegeville, PN  [read more]
  • Jeffrey Hayes, CEPA, Edward Jones, Westbank, BC  [read more]
  • John Hudspeth, CEPA, John Hudspeth, Naples, FL  [read more]
  • Lucas Humphries, CEPA, Edward Jones, Staunton, VA  [read more]
  • James Ka, CEPA, Edward Jones, Honolulu, HI  [read more]
  • Erik Klinger, CEPA, Ameriprise, Los Angeles, CA  [read more]
  • Brian Konish, CEPA, Wells Fargo, Quincy, MA  [read more]
  • Victor Krasij, CEPA, Apiro, Rockville, VA  [read more]
  • Lauren Ladd, CEPA, Bank of America Private Bank, Nashville, TN  [read more]
  • Lara Larkin, CEPA, Business Team, Roseville, CA  [read more]
  • Christian Lau, CEPA, Synovus, Winter Park, FL  [read more]
  • Joshua Lewis, CEPA, Edward Jones, Scottsdale, AZ  [read more]
  • Rob Malin, CEPA, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Nashville, TN [read more]
  • Simon Manoyan, CEPA, Charles Schwab, Chicago, IL  [read more]
  • Neil Martin, CEPA, Wells Fargo Advisors, El Segundo, CA  [read more]
  • Jesus Daniel Mattei, CEPA, Rockelis LLC, San Juan, PR  [read more]
  • Monica McCarthy, CEPA, Seascape Capital Management LLC, Portsmouth, NH  [read more]
  • Brian McCollough, CEPA, NextStage Fractional LLC, Cypress, TX  [read more]
  • Travis McGann, CEPA, Cogent Wealth Management, Glendale, AZ  [read more]
  • Beth McKinley, CEPA, Thrivent, Hummelstown, PA  [read more]
  • Michael McLaughlin, CEPA, McLaughlin Asset Management Inc, Haddonfield, NJ  [read more]
  • Cornelius McPeak, CEPA, Wells Fargo Advisors, Linwood, NJ  [read more]
  • Maria Mera, CEPA, Edward Jones, Honolulu, HI  [read more]
  • Christopher Michelsen, CEPA, B. Riley, Wilton, CT  [read more]
  • James Miller, CEPA, Vital Records Control, Memphis, TN [read more]
  • Brian Mizoguchi, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, New York, NY  [read more]
  • Christianna Morton, CEPA, Tex and Mav Morton Enterprises, Charlotte, GA  [read more]
  • James Mulcahy, CEPA, AMP Business Valuations, Woodridge, IL  [read more]
  • Juan Munoz, CEPA, Raymond James, Dallas, TX  [read more]
  • Joe Murray, CEPA, Investors Group, Guelph, ON  [read more]
  • Dan Nieland, CEPA, Iowa State University Extension & Outreach, Ames, IA  [read more]
  • Rick Nott, CEPA, LourdMurray, Los Angeles, CA  [read more]
  • Bailey Olson, CEPA, Northspan Group Inc., Duluth, MN  [read more]
  • Doyle Orlando, CEPA, Edward Jones, Hammond, LA  [read more]
  • Logan Palmer, CEPA, Edward Jones, Hereford, TX [read more]
  • Lisa Pope, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Chicago, IL [read more]
  • Craig Popp, CEPA, Accru Wealth, Willmar, MN [read more]
  • Kevin Pursel, CEPA, Cusp Coaching and Consulting, Evans City, PN  [read more]
  • Parth Rana, CEPA, M&T Financial Partners, San Antonio, TX  [read more]
  • Leslie Ranger, CEPA, Edward Jones, Plattsburgh, NY  [read more]
  • Sam Reese, CEPA, RBC Wealth Management, Greenville, SC  [read more]
  • Natalie Roberts, CEPA, iKadre, Kailua, HI  [read more]
  • David Rome, CEPA, Marcum Wealth, Cleveland  [read more]
  • Oliver Rose, CEPA, Cresset Capital, Chicago, IL  [read more]
  • Rollins Rubsamen, CEPA, Morgan Stanley, San Antonio, TX  [read more]
  • Eric Salmansohn, CEPA, Morgan Stanley, Philadelphia, PN  [read more]
  • Ryan Sanders, CEPA, Edward Jones, Colleyville, TX  [read more]
  • Jason Saunders, CEPA, SKA Wealth of Raymond James, Portland, OR  [read more]
  • Adriana Schiappoli, CEPA, BHB Equestrian LLC, West Palm Beach, FL  [read more]
  • Heather Schmidt, CEPA, Heather Schmidt, Portland, OR  [read more]
  • Ronald Scott, CEPA, Ronald C. Scott, Brooklyn, NY  [read more]
  • Cory Sellers, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Atlanta, GA  [read more]
  • Marty Shea, CEPA, Columbus, OH  [read more]
  • Gary Sjolander, CEPA, Windes, Long Beach, LA  [read more]
  • David Solis, CEPA, First Citizens, Raleigh, NC  [read more]
  • Kevin Spotts, CEPA, Edward Jones, Buda, TX  [read more]
  • Matthew Stowe, CEPA, Edward Jones, Wilmington, NC  [read more]
  • Andrew Streeter, CEPA, Edward Jones, Vero Beach, FL  [read more]
  • Ayana Stringfellow, CEPA, Edward Jones, St. Louis MO  [read more]
  • Subramanyam Raju Suraparaju, CEPA, Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC, Dubai, UAE  [read more]
  • Steven Susel, CEPA, Marshall & Stevens, Baltimore, MD  [read more]
  • Rebecca Teese, CEPA, Edward Jones, Montpelier, VT  [read more]
  • Archie Thompson, CEPA, Synovus Securities Inc., Dunwoody, GA  [read more]
  • Noel Todd, CEPA, Edward Jones, Laguna Niguel, CA  [read more]
  • Westin Tucker, CEPA, Edward Jones, Lubbock, TX  [read more]
  • Jennifer Twiddy, CEPA, Edward Jones, Canton, OH  [read more]
  • Chris Vasques, CEPA, Edward Jones, Valencia, CA  [read more]
  • Debi Vasques, CEPA, Edward Jones, Sherman Oaks, CA  [read more]
  • Benito Vattelana, CEPA, Edward Jones, Hagerstown, MD  [read more]
  • Mark Ventresco, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Henderson, NV  [read more]
  • Joshua Waymire, CEPA, Fulcrum Wealth Consulting of Raymond James, Colorado Springs, CO  [read more]
  • Chad Webber, CEPA, Edward Jones, Mitchell, ON  [read more]
  • Timothy Weddle, CEPA, Keating, Manhattan, KS  [read more]
  • James Weems, CEPA, Edward Jones, Laguna Hills, CA  [read more]
  • Betty Wellhoefer Hill, CEPA, Crescendo Wealth Management LLC, Cedarburg, WI  [read more]
  • Semmes White, CEPA, Edward Jones, Denham Springs, LA  [read more]
  • Elizabeth Whitteberry, CEPA, Best Path Advisors, Colleyville, TX  [read more]
  • Frank Willis, CEPA, Wells Fargo, Redondo Beach, CA  [read more]
  • Timothy Yost, CEPA, Newport Beach, CA  [read more]
  • Dennis Zocco, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Tacoma, WA  [read more]

We look forward to supporting all of you, alongside the entire CEPA network, as you change outcomes for the middle market!


More than a credentialing company.

“This Methodology is Going to Supercharge My Practice!” -Justin Goodbread, CEPA, CFP®

Exit planning is not just a plan (or a keyed-in report to print out for an owner). It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on his/her terms when they are ready. It aligns the business, personal, and financial needs of the owner. Good exit planning utilizes the Value Acceleration Methodology™ to move clients through discovery, prepare, and decide gates.

Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) educate the owner on all of the exit options and enters an engagement with an exit-option-agnostic perspective to truly serve the business owner’s diverse needs. CEPAs collaborate with a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support the success of the business owner and use each other’s specialties and expertise to the benefit of the project. View the award-winning methodology.

“Why did I earn CEPA when I already had an exit planning designation? Simple, the network. The quality of the EPI advisor network is unmatched.” -Paul Meyer, CEPA, CBEC

Do you consider your COIs or your referral network as the #1 source for new business? Look no further for your next membership affiliation. Formed in 2005 to serve the educational and resource needs of financial planners and wealth managers, CPA/accountants, attorneys, commercial lenders, M&A advisors and business brokers, management consultants, and other business advisors, the Exit Planning Institute is considered the standard trendsetter in the field of exit planning across the globe. It is the only organization that offers the Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program (CEPA) and qualifies for continuing education credits with twelve major professional associations, making it the most widely accepted and endorsed professional exit planning program in the world. Find a CEPA in your area.

“As a CPA, nothing is more important than exit planning.” -Bill Kenedy, CPA/ABV, CFF, CEPA

Our founders paved the way for the organization we are today. In the past three years alone, EPI has grown by more than ten times. We support and enable thousands of professional advisors who are leading the way in their local marketplaces across the globe. We invite you to join the community and experience the EPI difference.

We are powered by a dedicated staff, industry experts, and market leaders, that are passionate about providing top professional advisors the best industry content, ongoing practice support, and owner education resources. From humble beginnings, EPI has grown to become the exit planning market leader while staying focused and true to our mission. We are an education company that certifies and supports more than 900 CEPAs (and counting) as well as thousands of advisors worldwide through national, regional, chapter, and virtual education. Explore our history and make plans to play a part in our future. Explore the EPI history timeline snapshot

“You want to have the best credential in the industry. So my advice is that you have to go with Exit Planning Institute.” -Vincent Mastrovito, CEPA, CBEC

Do you want help in an increasingly commoditized or oversaturated marketplace? Do you want just another designation for your business card or do you want the credentialing education that helps you adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry? You’ve come to the right place.

The Exit Planning Institute creates an exit planning “ecosystem,” and due to the diverse nature of exit planning, EPI has fostered a hyper-engaged exit planning community. This community includes CEPAs, other collaborative advisors, strategic alliance partners, academicians, the media, and business owners from across the globe. To serve this elite and cross-functional community on one major platform, EPI produces the best content as it relates to exit planning, succession planning, and value acceleration, provides ongoing advisor support and practice development, and creates connectivity to transitioning business owners. Connect with us today!


Explore the unmatched professional development experience and gain your next competitive edge in 2023.

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program is the most widely endorsed and accepted exit planning credential in the marketplace today. Experience the EPI difference and determine if earning the CEPA credential is the next strategic move for you to reinvent yourself in a changing marketplace. Visit www.EarnCEPA.com today.