4 Innovative Panel Sessions at The 2022 Exit Planning Summit – And How They Will Benefit Your Business

The Exit Planning Institute is proud to work with a large variety of professional advisors, business owners, and national firms to share the importance of proper exit planning. This year at our 2022 Exit Planning Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will host four expert panels that touch on the best practices for specific advisor types as well as exit planning professionals in general. 

Learn more about each of the expert panels below!  

Business Owners Panel

Monday, May 2: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Powered by Title Partner, UBS Financial Services, Inc., the Business Owners Panel Discussion is one of the most impactful Summit sessions. As professional advisors, understanding the needs of your business owner clients is paramount to the eventual success of their exit. Hear from business owners across the lower middle market who have exited their company or are currently in a transition. These owners will provide insider insight into the exit process from an owner’s perspective. The needs of business owners are ever-changing, and to be a top advisor in the exit planning industry, you must constantly educate yourself on how to effectively serve the owners. 

This session will be moderated by a representative from UBS Financial Services, Inc..  

Exit Planning Advisors Best Practices Panels

Tuesday, May 3: 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Exit planning advisors are typically broken down into two groups. The first group is financial advisors that educate and influence business owners with their exit planning training and knowledge. The second group is value advisors that manage and execute the process and provide consultative work to business owners. In these concurrently held sessions, advisors will select their path and hear from some of the best within their space. 

In these best practices sessions, advisors will gather insights on marketing, implementation, and how to build exit planning teams. They will also learn how to manage the Value Acceleration Methodology, what tools and resources to use, and how to incorporate the methodology into their practice successfully. 

Value Advisors Best Practices Panel

The Value Advisors Panel is comprised of four experts in business value growth, the Five Stages of Value Maturity, and exit planning strategy. 

During this session, Summit attendees will hear from Melisa Silverman, Justin Goodbread, Erik Owen, and Gordon Bell. These well-respected value advisors are experts in their field. This panel will provide Summit attendees with insights into value creation and value growth.       

Financial Advisors Best Practices Panel

The Financial Advisors Panel is a group of five professionals in the exit planning space. These advisors work with owners to educate them on the benefits of proper exit planning, time management, and financial planning. 

During this panel, Summit attendees will hear from Michael Sheppard, Chris Kurdziel, Brian Baum, Charles Jarrett, and Allen Harris. These advisors are thought leaders, expert resources, and educators in the exit planning space. During this panel, the advisors will inform Summit attendees about the benefits of exit planning and provide them with actionable items to implement in their own practices.  

Exit Planning Advisors Best Practices Panels Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to launch an exit planning practice
  • Understand how to integrate the CEPA process and concepts into your conversations
  • Understand the appropriate marketing tactics needed to launch and engage owners
  • Understand how to engage business owners with better conversations 

Case Study Panel

Tuesday, May 3: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Through this case study-based session, attendees will be assigned a small group to work with. This will allow attendees to share their exit planning knowledge while learning from other experts within the space as they dive deep into a small to lower middle-market company case study. In small groups, attendees will answer questions, conduct an enterprise value assessment, and have a discussion around the case study-based company. 

Following this session, EPI will have an expert panel that breaks down the case and provides insights on Value Acceleration while taking questions from the audience. This panel will help to establish industry best practices among all Summit attendees.  

During this panel, Summit attendees will hear from Shanda McFadden, Sean Hutchinson, Rich Gunn, Kyle Danner, Sam Messina, and Jacqueline Kaltz-Coulombe. This panel of advisors offers unique insights into every facet of exit planning. The exit planning team contains a Financial Advisor, Value Advisor, CPA, Attorney, Family Business Advisor, Risk Advisor, and more. This panel includes representatives from six of the key advisor types on an owner’s transition team. 

Case Study Panel Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key concepts and applications of the Discover Gate of Value Acceleration
  • Understand the key concepts and applications of the Prepare Gate of Value Acceleration 
  • Understand exit options and how they apply to a privately held company 
  • Understand the tactical approach to client engagement 

The 2022 Exit Planning Summit

We are excited to welcome hundreds of Certified Exit Planning Advisors Sunday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 3, 2022, to Scottsdale, Arizona for a conference where top advisors, their teams, and business owners come to build deep relationships, share unique experiences, and uncover innovative solutions for their business.

The Exit Planning Summit is the coming together of the CEPA Community. The best CEPAs from around the world collaborate with their supporting partners and colleagues that are all helping business owners to create more significant companies. CEPAs will develop new or further current relationships, learn best practices, and advance themselves as advisors. Advisors will leave the Exit Planning Summit not only galvanized to accelerate their practice but with the tools and connections to do so.  

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