A Look Inside The Unique World of: Value Creation

In the Exit Planning marketplace “Value Advisors” are referred to by many names. These include value growth or creation advisor, consultant, strategic advisor, strategic growth advisor, implementer, management consultant, or business coach. They primarily focus on the business, but as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), they can organize an exit planning advisory team as well. An advisory team is more engaged with the owner and in the overall process, and therefore, Value Advisors incorporate personal planning and personal financial planning into the strategy.

EPI interviewed 13 Value Advisors within the Exit Planning Community to learn about Value Creation. We were interested to know their opinions on value creation and how they feel value is created. Through these interviews we learned more about their individual processes, what owners can expect in a value creation engagement, and how other advisors can stay involved in the value creation process.

Our findings pave the path towards better engagement and relationships with business owners. Most business owners would agree that there is some pain point they would like solved or a desire they would like achieved within their company. Perhaps they want more time back in their personal lives or less risk in their business. Ideally, they likely want a company that can run without them. To help the owner achieve these goals we bring in the advisors who are ready to do the work to drive value. The Value Advisors.

The Unique World of Value Creation

After interviewing the Value Advisors, we have drawn the conclusion that to support an owner through a transition successfully, a Value Advisor must be an educator as well as a business advisor. An effective advisor mitigates risk in an owner’s business, implements positive personal changes, and emphasizes ways to meet financial goals. As a business owner, it is paramount that you start working on your exit plan now, no matter when you plan on exiting your business. According to Scott Snider, Vice President of EPI, “More deliberate action creates better companies today that will create easier or more transferrable companies when that time comes”. As an Advisor, joining the powerful EPI network allows you to help owners create significant companies while aligning their personal and personal financial goals.

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