Celebrating Black Friday with Exit Planning Institute’s Season of Deals

Thanksgiving festivities, football games, and turkey-induced naps are taking the forefront this week. 

Through the hustle and bustle of holiday planning and turkey basting, we know advisory practice needs have taken the metaphorical back burner this week. To help sort through the chaos amidst navigating which side of the family’s thanksgiving dinner is first and who is responsible for the sweet potatoes, we have prepared a helpful checklist to keep your practice needs in order. 

Take a few minutes to peruse this list and prepare your practice for the new year! 

Are You Looking to Become Your Client’s Most Valued Advisor?

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential is for professional advisors who want to effectively engage more business owners. Through the process of Exit Planning (the Value Acceleration Methodology), owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals. Earning CEPA doesn’t change your expertise, it enhances your ability to engage business owners and have value-added conversations around growth and exit.

Through the CEPA credential, you will gain the knowledge needed to advance your exit planning practice, protect the value in your business, and engage more effectively with business owners. 

Become your client’s most valued advisor this year. 

Save $1,800 on your CEPA registration here.

Have You Met Your Continuing Education Requirements? 

As a professional advisor, you are expected to complete continuing education requirements on an annual basis. Have you completed your continuing education yet? Do you know where to start? 

Earning the CEPA Credential is the first step in mastering exit planning. Now is the time to build upon that knowledge with EPI Academy. Learn how to integrate exit planning in your advisory practice, build effective teams for business owners, and implement exit planning into your everyday business model.

The courses in EPI Academy can earn you up to 6 continuing education hours towards your CEPA credential, CFP, or CPA accreditation. 

Save $2,190 on these online courses that are sure to improve your business!

Are You Registered for the 2023 Exit Planning Summit?

The Exit Planning Summit is the largest exit planning conference in the world. Join EPI this May 21-23 as we welcome hundreds of Certified Exit Planning Advisors, professional advisors, and their teams to Scottsdale, Arizona, for three days of immersive, engaging, and educational programming. 

Our Exit Planning Summit + Owner Engagement Bundle package is perfect for any advisor looking to advance their exit planning knowledge, directly engage business owners, and have unique experiences with industry leaders at the largest Exit Planning conference in the world.

Learn more about the 2023 Exit Planning Summit and how you can save $1,500 on your registration!

Have You Read the Latest Business Books?

The more educated an owner is about exit planning, the more likely they are to begin incorporating exit strategy into their business plan. Gifting books to your potential owner clients is a great way to educate these owners on exit planning and value growth. According to a survey of advisors on LinkedIn, 15% said sharing books was a great way to educate owners. Gift Walking to Destiny to your prospective clients and start the exit planning conversation early.

Enhance your exit planning knowledge and build your personal library of industry-leading books from top business professionals. You’ll receive 24 books that will discuss everything from maximizing business value to sharing successful business stories. 

View the package and save $270 here!

View All Season of Deals Packages

Ever wish Black Friday discounts were available longer than just one week in November? We expanded our Black Friday discounts for an entire Season of Deals! We have five incredible packages with over $6,900 in savings for our EPI Community. See all available Seasons of Deals Packages here!

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