EPI is Pleased to Welcome 108 New Advisors to the CEPA Community

May Class of 2020

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the newest Certified Exit Planning Advisors to join the growing exit planning community!

  • Christian Aguirre, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Furlong, PA [read more]
  • Elizabeth Anderson, CEPA, Whittier Trust, South Pasadena, CA [read more]
  • Peter Anderson, CEPA, Woodforest Wealth Strategies, Fort Lauderdale, FL [read more]
  • Devin Anthony, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Carmel IN [read more]
  • Michael Balstad, CEPA, MassMutual Northern California Roseville CA
    [read more]
  • J. Max Barger, CEPA, PNC Wealth Management, McLean, VA [read more]
  • Michael Benedict, CEPA, BOK Financial, Kingsland, TX [read more]
  • Jason Bird, CEPA, Amherst, NY [read more]
  • Fredrik Borstad, CEPA, Business Owner Succession Strategies, Edina MN [read more]
  • Christopher Bostick, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, La Jolla, CA [read more]
  • Andrew Bouquet, CEPA, Moneta Group, Clayton, MO [read more]
  • John Boyle, CEPA, Integrum Wealth Management, Phoenix AZ [read more]
  • Coty Brawdy, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Buffalo NY [read more] 
  • Brooklyn Brock, CEPA, Ellevate Advisors, Tulsa, OK [read more] 
  • Douglas Brown, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc. [read more] 
  • David Brunori, CEPA, Valentus Specialty Chemicals, Phoenix AZ [read more] 
  • Joe Calao, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Hutto, TX [read more] 
  • Alessandro Caringi, CEPA, Mass Mutual, Mamaroneck NY [read more] 
  • Jake Carlson, CEPA, LifePlan Legal, Gilbert, AZ [read more] 
  • Jason Chirogianis, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Austin, TX [read more] 
  • Isaac Cohen, CEPA, Bedrock Wealth Strategies, Elmsford, NY [read more] 
  • Karen Collingsworth-Crusse, CEPA, Hawthorn Family Wealth, Troy, MI [read more] 
  • Tyler Conley, CEPA, Syverson Strege [read more]
  • Douglas Cook, CEPA, Headwaters Strategic Succession Consulting, LLC., Saint Cloud, MN [read more]
  • Andres Curiel, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Merced, CA [read more]
  • Jama DeHeer, CEPA, Regions Bank, Fortville, IN [read more]
  • Jason DeKeuster, CEPA, Northern Prairie Financial Saint Anthony MN [read more]
  • Frederick Dennis, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Columbia, SC [read more]
  • Graham Falbo, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Franklin Lakes, NJ [read more]
  • William Fernandez, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Selma, TX [read more]
  • Taemee Feuer, CEPA, Chung Strategic Solutions, Las Vegas, NV [read more]
  • Matthew Flynn, CEPA, F.I.T. Financial Group, Troy, MI [read more]
  • Regina Garrido, CEPA, PNC Bank N.A., Philadelphia, PA [read more]
  • Luke Gawronski, CEPA, Barnum Financial Group, Bluffton, SC [read more]
  • John Geist, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Nebraska [read more]
  • Emily George, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., St. Louis, MO [read more]
  • Frank Gerome, CEPA, HRA Partners Coppell, TX [read more]
  • Heather Goodbody, CEPA, Goodbody & Associates/Merrill Private Wealth, Pittsford, NY [read more]
  • William Goodson, Wells Fargo Advisors, Winston Salem, NC [read more]
  • Jeff Gregorio, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, DC [read more]
  • Ranjeet Guptara, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Altadena, CA [read more]
  • Greg Harrison, CEPA, Harrison Financial Management, El Dorado, AR [read more]
  • Mark Harter, CEPA, Golden Gate Growth Solutions, San Rafael, CA [read more]
  • Christopher Hastings, CEPA, Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz Camp Hill PA [read more]
  • Joseph Hilger, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Lincoln, NE [read more]
  • Leonard Hill, CEPA, Hartford Funds, Issaquah, WA [read more]
  • Daniel Hoops, CEPA, PNC, Troy, MI [read more]
  • Bruce Hosler, CEPA, Hosler Wealth Management LLC., Prescott, AZ [read more]
  • Jason Hosler, CEPA, Hosler Wealth Management, Arizona [read more]
  • Bellann Hyten, CEPA, Wealth Partners, Plano, TX [read more]
  • F Michael Hyzdu, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Cincinnati, OH [read more]
  • Suzanne Katz, CEPA, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, New York, NY [read more]
  • Ramsey Khattab, CEPA, Lincoln Financial Advisors, West New York, NJ [read more]
  • Greg Khost, CEPA, Deutsche Bank, New York, NY [read more]
  • Robert Kitzman, CEPA, Bank of America, Dallas, TX [read more]
  • Alexander Koury, CEPA, Hosler Wealth Management, Arizona [read more]
  • Terri Krivosha, CEPA, Maslon, Minneapolis, MN [read more]
  • Diane Kurek, CEPA, Harford Financial Group [read more]
  • John Kvamme, CEPA, Associated Bank, St. Louis Park, MN [read more]
  • Jimmy Lee, CEPA, JTL Wealth Partners, Plano, TX [read more]
  • Tom Lenkiewicz, CEPA, BMO Private Bank, Chicago IL [read more]
  • Katie Longhauser, CEPA, Kaizen Unlimited, Overland Park, KS [read more]
  • Paul Lowerre, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., New York, NY [read more]
  • Breanna Lundy, CEPA, Edward Jones, Argyle, NY [read more]
  • Elizabeth MacRae, CEPA, Commercial Ventures, Okotoks, Alberta [read more]
  • Gregg Marano, The Riedy-Marano Wealth Management Group, Islip New York [read more]
  • Jared Marshall, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Conshohocken, PA [read more]
  • Michael McCluskey, CEPA UBS Financial Services, Fort Thomas, KY [read more]
  • Bryan McCollam, CEPA, UBS Financial Servies, Inc., Los Gatos, CA [read more] 
  • Michael McGrann, CEPA, The Telos Group, West Chester, PA [read more] 
  • Diane McNeal, CEPA, Wilmington Trust, North Palm Beach, FL [read more] 
  • Justin Merola, CEPA, Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management, Southborough, MA [read more] 
  • Derek Mohamed, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Wellesley MA [read more] 
  • Daniel Montilla, CEPA, Bank of New York Mellon, Plantation, FL [read more]
  • Ashley Murphy, CEPA, Arete Wealth Strategists Australia, Minneapolis, MN [read more] 
  • Neal Narahara, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., San Jose, CA [read more] 
  • Tami Norris, CEPA, Business Brokers LLC., Lawrence, KS [read more] 
  • Mark O’Brien, CEPA, Value Growth Partners, LTD., Chicago, IL [read more] 
  • Nancy Olzack, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Chicago, IL [read more]
  • James O’Reilly, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Cincinnati, OH [read more]
  • Paul Pappageorge, CEPA, Ashland Capital Advisors, Evanston, IL [read more]
  • Charlotte Philips, CEPA, Wilmington Trust, Baltimore, MD [read more]
  • Marcus Plouzek, CEPA, UBS Financial Servies, Inc., Lincoln, NE [read more]
  • Antony Pougnet, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Westminster, CO [read more]
  • Andy Preikschat, CEPA Edgebrook Partners, Santa Monica, CA [read more]
  • Joseph Quattrocchi, CEPA, KLR, Lincoln, RI [read more]
  • Kimberly Read, CEPA, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. [read more]
  • Dean Ridgway, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, San Diego, CA [read more]
  • Drew Roggenburk, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Avon, OH [read more]
  • Scott Scheer, CEPA, Vista Financial Strategies, LLC., Appleton, WI [read more]
  • Erik Seeney, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Milton, GA [read more]
  • Charles A Smith, Academy Advisors LLC., Gilbert, AZ [read more]
  • Joseph Stalnaker, CEPA, Capital Financial Group [read more]
  • David Stephens, CEPA, Legacy Business Advisors Mid-Atlantic, Virginia Beach, VA [read more]
  • Andrew Tavares, CEPA, Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd., Middletown, RI [read more]
  • Kyle Thompson, CEPA, Leetown Advisors LLC., Ankeny, IA [read more]
  • Mark Thorndyke, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Chicago, IL [read more]
  • Andy Timmerwilke, CEPA, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Elmhurst, IL [read more]
  • Jui Trivedi, CEPA, Next Point, Pittsford, NY [read more]
  • John Adam,CEPA, Trouy Altitude Financial Management, LLC., Bellevue Washington [read more]
  • William Vinck, CEPA, Chapman Associates, Scottsdale, AZ [read more]
  • Simeon Wallis, CEPA, Aprio Wealth Management LLC., Atlanta Georgia [read more]
  • Meredith Westerman, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Redwood City, CA [read more]
  • Jeffrey Winick, CEPA, Regions Bank (Private Wealth Management) [read more]
  • Jordan Winterfeld, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Houston TX [read more]
  • Jeff Wood, Merrill Lynch, Saginaw, MI [read more]
  • Joshua Wright, The Bedford Group, Kirkwood, MO [read more] 

We look forward to supporting all of you, alongside the entire CEPA network, as you change outcomes for the middle market!

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