Generational Differences – What Makes a Baby Boomer a Baby Boomer? – LinkedIn Trivia Results

Recently we shared a trivia poll on our LinkedIn to our network of professional advisors and business owners. We were interested to see if our advisors knew key differences between the generations. Here are the results.

A baby boomer business owner in part is known for…

0% Their work / life balance
30% Their ability to handle crisis
40% Being ambitious but not focused
30% Being culture creators

The correct answer is Their ability to handle crisis.

Baby Boomer Business Owners

Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider says, “The baby boomer generation is known to be the creators of the 60-hour work week. That being said, I don’t think a good work / life balance is “their thing”. The boomers are certainly an ambitious generation. They are the most entrepreneurial and career focused generation, with one of their main core values being success, but they tend to be framed and focused.

The ability to handle crisis is one of the most impressive things about this generation. This ability to handle crisis has likely guided them through our current pandemic. Heck, these folks have navigated many things over the course of starting, building, operating, and potentially now exiting their companies. The real estate bubble, Y2K, September 11, the Great Recession, and war on terrorism. 

Their ability to navigate the exit of their company is certainly something they can do with the right guidance. Guidance from well-educated experts that know how to help the business owner grow value, align their personal and financial goals, and successfully transition their company.”

Learn more about Baby Boomer business owners in Walking To Destiny by Chris Snider.

Generational Differences

The remaining characteristics listed above describe Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Gen X owners and business professionals are characterized by their work/life balance. Millennials have many ambitions and enjoy experiences over focused professional goals. Gen Z, a generation that has grown up with immediate access to advanced technology, is known for creating culture and content.

Understanding the differences between the generations will enable you, as a professional advisor, to engage owners in a more meaningful way during their business succession plan.

How to Engage Baby Boomer Customers

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