Greg Merrill Finds Value in the CEPA Community: A CEPA® Case Study

The Exit Planning Institute® community is comprised of a large variety of professional advisors from across the globe. There are over 4,000 Certified Exit Planning Advisors® in the marketplace currently helping business owners build value in their companies prior to exiting. 

What is a CEPA? 

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential is for professional advisors who want to effectively engage more business owners, build value within their business, and exit on their own terms. Through the process of Exit Planning, utilizing the Value Acceleration Methodology, owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals. Earning the CEPA credential expands your expertise and enhances your ability to engage business owners and conduct value-added conversations around growth and exit.

CEPA Case Studies

Learn how CEPA, Greg Merrill, is utilizing his exit planning expertise in his practice, and how the CEPA credential has helped to expand his practice and thought leadership in the exit planning space.  

Meet Greg Merrill 

Joining UBS as an intern, Greg continued his career as a Wealth Planning Analyst for the New York Private Wealth Management Complex. Today as a partner of The Shantz Mantione Group, Greg embodies the concept of teamwork in every way. His early years as an elite-level hockey player taught him the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving greater goals. He and his team, clients’ CPAs, estate attorneys, and other specialists work together toward their clients’ long-term financial well-being.

Greg and his team have developed and utilized a disciplined discovery and planning process that helps identify what is most important to clients, their families, and their businesses—helping them reach their goals. In doing so, he strives to “deliver the firm” and provides them with access to the full suite of global resources, opportunities, and thought leadership of the world’s largest wealth manager.

This experience of collaboratively working with entrepreneurs and business owners in addressing their unique needs before, during, and after a transition has led Greg to become the founder and President of the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute. This is a group of local advisors dedicated to changing the outcomes for middle-market owners looking to grow, transition, or exit their businesses. Having grown up in Southeast Michigan allows Greg to actively be involved and contribute to the growth and expansion of an area he is passionate about.

An “Aha Moment” When Completing the CEPA Program?

 While Greg was completing his CEPA program in August of 2018, Greg realized that the community of exit planning professionals would be a strong benefit for his business. Exit planning is a team sport, and with the vast array of advisors within the EPI community, Greg could build his referral network and expand his practice through exit planning. He could create an entire practice around exit planning and impact owners during the largest financial transaction in their lives. 

Greg continues, “I realized that I wanted to take the teachings and framework learned during the program and decided to make an impact where I grew up by founding the EPI Southeast Michigan Chapter.” 

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