How to Leverage Private Equity in an Internal Sale to the Next Generation

Hot Topic: Internal Sales to the Younger Family Generation | A Private Equity Perspective

A successful transition of ownership to future generations ranks high among concerns of family-owned companies, yet few families understand how they can accomplish this goal, especially when the business is the “nest egg” for the older generation. Buying a business is a complex process that requires significant capital, and it’s rare that the younger generation has the financial resources and wherewithal to complete the purchase in a way that offers immediate liquidity or access to funds to the older generation. Layer in issues like active and inactive family members or properly preparing the next generation to lead before the transition occurs and the complexity grows.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how private equity groups “sponsor” the next generation to fully fund the purchase of their family business and navigate the process required to successfully complete the transaction. You’ll also learn the benefits of using private equity to accomplish an internal sale versus other transaction alternatives.



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Advisors will leave this webinar understanding how private equity groups work with families to transition ownership from one generation to the next and the basic mechanics (and benefits) of a private equity sponsored family succession transaction.  You’ll come away knowing how to identify when an owner/company is a candidate for this type of transaction and how to compare a private equity-backed transaction to alternative options such as seller financing and ESOPs.

When the time comes to introduce an owner to their options, you want to be able to recognize it and feel confident introducing the concept to your client.  This webinar can get you there.

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