Immerse Yourself in Exit Planning With EPI’s 2024 Exit Planning Summit Season of Deals Promotion!

Are you prepared to revolutionize your approach to exit planning? The 2024 Exit Planning Summit Bundle combines our world-class exit planning conference, an insightful course on conducting effective owner workshops, and the latest edition of Walking to Destiny. 

Fully immerse yourself in the exit planning community and experience Exit Planning Institute’s best-in-class conference, courses, and content this year during Season of Deals!

2024 Exit Planning Summit Bundle


Revolutionize your exit planning practice with the 2024 Exit Planning Summit Bundle. Seize this opportunity to engage, empower, and excel in the world of exit planning. Your journey to impactful advisory starts here.

Harness insights from the Summit, master workshops, and apply the Value Acceleration Methodology™ for a holistic approach to engagement and accelerated exit planning success.

Influential Networking: Forge invaluable connections with industry leaders, peers, and clients, propelling your advisory practice to new heights.

The Exit Planning Summit provides advisors with a transformative impact. Elevate your approach to business owners, foster meaningful interactions, and experience conversations that drive effective exit planning strategies. During the three-day Summit, attendees will cultivate lasting relationships and establish enduring connections with influential business owners, setting the stage for a consistent stream of successful sales opportunities.

This Bundle Includes:

2024 Exit Planning Summit

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience at the forefront of exit planning in Marco Island from April 28 – 30. Join hundreds of professional advisors and their teams for three days of enriching education, actionable insights, and global networking at the 2024 Exit Planning Summit. The Summit is your catalyst for practice advancement, tailored to refine strategies, explore new paths, and empower you with tangible takeaways. Engage with industry pioneers, gain unprecedented insights, and cultivate a network of like-minded professionals poised for excellence.

Conducting Effective Owner Workshops Course

Equip yourself with the tools needed to engage business owners on a profound level. Chris Snider will share how to master the art of impactful workshops, fostering meaningful connections, and igniting actionable conversations.

Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth

Navigate the world of exit planning with this comprehensive guide. Developed by Chris Snider, this book encapsulates the Value Acceleration Methodology™, unlocking strategies to guide business owners toward a successful transition.

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