Over 460 CEPAs Join the Exit Planning Institute Community to Start 2023

Exit Planning Institute is proud to announce that over 460 advisors from across the globe have successfully earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Credential in the first quarter of 2023. As the authority on exit planning, Exit Planning Institute provides financial advisors, accountants, consultants, and other advisors of business owners with crucial exit planning education. This allows advisors to differentiate themselves, add value to their existing client relationships, and attract new business to their firm.  

What is a CEPA? 

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential is for professional advisors who want to effectively engage more business owners, build value within their business and exit on their own terms. Through the process of Exit Planning, utilizing the Value Acceleration Methodology, owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals. Earning the CEPA credential expands your expertise and enhances your ability to engage business owners and conduct value-added conversations around growth and exit.

The Evolution of Exit Planning 

In 2005 the EPI founders, Peter Christman and Rich Jackim, released their book The $10 Trillion Opportunity and put our profession in motion. Pete and Rich then went on to begin training advisors, now called Certified Exit Planning Advisors, in 2007. Back then exit planning was taught as a “plan” and not a strategy and consisted of many philosophies that are still used today. One major element was lacking: action! The profession needed the concepts to deliver results. These concepts must be framed in a very intentional and deliberate process that business owners understand and can embrace.

After becoming a CEPA in 2008, EPI CEO Christopher Snider created his own process, then called BIGS (Buy, Improve, Grow, and Sell) and now called the Value Acceleration Methodology. In 2011, Chris partnered with his son, Scott Snider, now President of the Exit Planning Institute, and in 2012 they decided to flip their model from consulting with business owners to educating advisors and Chris and Scott together purchased EPI.

In 2013, the CEPA Credentialing Program and the entire profession evolved when the Value Acceleration Methodology become the core curriculum of the CEPA Program. The original philosophies were joined with additional concepts, created by Chris and influenced by fellow CEPAs, combined with the framework of his methodology. A process rooted in action and results.

Learn more about the Evolution of Exit Planning during Christopher Snider’s main stage session at the 2023 Exit Planning Summit.

How to Join the CEPA Community

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor credential is for those advisors who want to expand their expertise and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Gain better access to business owners
  • Become more engaged on a business owner's advisory team
  • Have deeper and more holistic conversations with business owners
  • Grow your referral network of professional advisors
  • Access hundreds of marketing and business development tools tailored for owners

Learn more about the CEPA program and become your client’s Most Valued Advisor today!