Scott Snider Named President of Exit Planning Institute

A Letter from Exit Planning Institute CEO, Christopher Snider

This fall will mark the ninth anniversary since the Snider family purchased the Exit Planning Institute and 13 years since I became a CEPA. Our re-invention of what exit planning really is, a business strategy focused on accelerating value, has helped EPI evolve into the authority in exit planning worldwide, touching tens of thousands of advisors and business owners. Today, our community of 2,600+ credentialed members are the best and brightest in the field. Thank you to all who have poured your heart into our collective mission and have helped us achieve these milestones.

For the last nine years, our mission was primarily fueled by baby boomer business owners facing what is likely the greatest challenge of their life – transitioning their businesses. Our work with baby boomers is not complete, and the $10 trillion opportunity is still very much alive. Yet, we cannot lose site of the fact that there is an entire new generation of business owners following in the baby boomer’s footsteps. These NextGen business owners are more open to the ideas, techniques, and concepts we teach, and they will have the opportunity to build their businesses with the exit in mind. The EPI Community needs fresh thinking, approaches, and leadership to continue to advance the CEPA, evolve the exit planning profession, and continue to provide value to the EPI Community of advisors who serve these owners.

Considering this, I am naming my son and business partner, Scott Snider, as the new President of the Exit Planning Institute. I am confident he is the right leader to help achieve the strategic ambitions of EPI, maintain the brand promise, and continue to drive the organizations core values forward.

 I look forward to remaining the Head of Faculty for the CEPA Credentialing Program and will retain the position of CEO.

Scott has been by my side as an entrepreneur for 18 years. He started his first business at the age of 17. After a successful five-year venture of his own, I asked him to consider a milestone decision to sell his company and join mine. Since coming aboard, Scott was key to helping integrate the principles of CEPA into our own business model.

After purchasing EPI in 2012, Scott worked alongside the Executive Director of EPI until July of 2014. He then took over the lead sales and operating roles for the business so I could focus on innovation and growth. Scott was always right by my side helping me/us accomplish our goals.

The truth is, Scott has been out front and acting as President already. My entire career I have followed the professional development principle “you have to do the job before you get the job”. Scott’s navigation of EPI through the COVID-19 crisis was masterful and only strengthened my belief in his ability to lead EPI.

During our strategic planning process last fall, I asked Scott about his vision of where exit planning, value acceleration, and the community needed to move. His vision is not only compelling, but I can guarantee he has every bit of passion about it as I had when we purchased EPI nine years ago. Scott is committed to building more significant companies throughout the marketplace.  You will see that vision come to fruition over the next several years. To learn about the vision of the Exit Planning Institute click the link below.

Exit Planning Institute, Certified Exit Planning Advisors, and our role in the Exit Planning profession.

Read Scott Snider's Vision for EPI Here

Finally, I would like to formally thank Scott for his loyalty, dedication, respect, and hard work not only on behalf of his father but also on behalf of our entire CEPA community. I have said many times that EPI is a family business – just like the many family businesses we serve. The concepts and techniques we teach to you, we live as a family business ourselves. With this change in leadership, you are witnessing our commitment to that process.

I thank you all for the loyalty and commitment you have shown to me personally and to EPI over these many years of growth and change. I am very excited to see and look forward to being part of where we go next. The best of EPI is yet to come.

Chris Snider

CEO, Exit Planning Institute

Mid-Year State of The Institute Address with Scott Snider

This special edition broadcast will feature a Mid-Year State of the Institute Address from newly instated Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider. Along with the rest of the world, EPI continues to evolve and adapt in order to serve the exit planning advisory community. This broadcast will deep dive into Scott’s vision as President and how it aligns with our goals of educating business owners and creating significant companies. In addition, attendees with a first-look at advancements, exit planning market insights, the future for EPI, forecasting 2021 and our 3-year vision, and trends and topics for CEPAs.