Welcome the EPI Austin Chapter to the Growing National Chapter Network!

The Exit Planning Institute is excited to welcome the EPI Austin Chapter to our vast network of chapters across the United States. Our EPI Chapter Network provides advisors with a collaborative group of leaders in their area to engage in thought-provoking conversations around exit planning topics. 

Joe Calao, EPI Austin Chapter President, shares, “Our chapter is led by experts and is for business owners and advisors to understand what helps business owners make and get the most of their business both now and at the time of exiting. We help both on the journey and in the event.” 

The EPI Chapter Network

The EPI Chapter Network creates a forum where the local community of professional advisors can collaborate and address the unique needs of their community. Chapters develop educational programs for business owners and professional advisors that build awareness and better prepare an owner for the successful exit of their business. 

The purpose of the EPI Chapter Network is to create, encourage, and foster the adoption of best practices in the exit planning profession. Chapters promote the common interests of business advisors engaged in exit planning. Calao says, “Helping business owners grow, groom, and capture the value of their life’s work, and exit without regrets and in the way they want is our mission.”

To find a chapter in your area, visit www.EPIChapters.com 

Exit Planning Is Not What You Think

We are pleased to announce the launch of the EPI Austin Chapter! Our first event will be on May 10, 2023, at The University of Texas Club, DKR Texas Memorial Stadium at 4:30 PM CST

Our commitment is to form a chapter of business professionals who are thought leaders in business succession planning, capable of serving business owners in Texas and surrounding areas.  

Exit planning is the fastest-growing marketplace within the financial and professional services industry, with the exit of millions of Baby Boomer business owners on the horizon totaling more than $10 trillion dollars in transferable wealth. This is your “$10 Trillion Dollar Opportunity!”

That said, the business community is changing, and like it or not, the need for a new kind of advisor has become undeniable. You can no longer view your relationships with your clients and prospects as transactional. You must become more than your deliverable. In 2022 and beyond, you must do more than assess value. You must provide value.

During this launch event, Exit Planning Institute CEO and author of Walking to Destiny, Christopher Snider, will educate advisors to help change the outcome for business owners by identifying, protecting, building, harvesting & managing business wealth.  

After attending the launch event for the EPI Austin Chapter, advisors will be immersed in a large network of advisors to form a cross-functional team for their business owners. 

Attendees will:

  • Review social and economic market dynamics in play
  • Discuss challenges & opportunities and how to overcome them
  • Introduce you to the Value Acceleration Methodology™
  • Define the Exit Planning Ecosystem
  • Introduce the various roles an advisor can play inside the Exit Planning Ecosystem
  • Define the role of the “Advisor of the Future” inside the Exit Planning Ecosystem


Register for the EPI Austin Chapter Launch event! 

For more details about upcoming EPI Austin Chapter events, to join their mailing list, and to meet their leadership team, visit www.EPIAustinChapter.com