Welcome to New EPI Partner Firms

This past year the Exit Planning Institute community grew exponentially. With the addition of several new firms that approved the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential, the designation remains the most approved credential in the field of exit planning in the world.

What are the benefits of CEPA?

As a CEPA, you gain access to our newly updated Member Center. The Member Center is a Knowledge Base of everything CEPA. It includes tools for both the advisor and business owner clients as they work on building value in their company before an exit. “The EPI Community is growing. With over 2,000 CEPAs in the market and working with 30,000+ advisors each year through our content, meetings, webinars and other programs, the advisor is entering a community that has a wide range of advisors from all around the country and world that not only can help continue to educate each other but drive best practices and likely drive referral business”, Vice President of EPI, Scott Snider.  

Join us in welcoming the following firms as EPI Partners:

Raymond James was founded in 1962 and has approximately $930 billion in client assets as of September of 2020. With a team of over 8,000 financial advisors, they reach over 1,000 companies worldwide. Raymond James embraces long-term planning and decision-making with people in mind. The company approved the CEPA credential for their advisors in September. Find a Raymond James CEPA here.

Guardian Life Insurance Company has been helping people protect their future through insurance and investments for over 150 years. They approved the CEPA credential for their Investment Advisory Representatives (IAR) with Park Avenue Securities in September. By recognizing the CEPA designation, their advisors will continue to provide exemplary service to their clients with a more well-rounded approach. Find a CEPA here.

Securian Financial has been serving families for 140 years. They have over $93 billion assets under management and work with over 21 million customers in North America. In 2018 they ranked as the 8th largest life insurance company in the United States and have over 6,400 employees and representatives worldwide. Securian Financial approves the CEPA credential in November. Find a Securian Financial CEPA here.

Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 on Wall Street in New York City. Today, they have offices in 35 countries. Morgan Stanley has advisors in a variety of fields, including: Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Research, Trading, and Investment Management. Morgan Stanley approved the CEPA credential in December. Wealth Consultant Beth W. Dominguez said, “Since attending the 2019 Summit in San Antonio, Texas, what I’ve experienced was excellent and well worth my time”. Find a Morgan Stanley CEPA here.

Ameriprise Financial was founded in 1894 and has more than $900 billion in assets under management. They serve over 2 million clients and have offices across the United States and worldwide. Ameriprise approved the CEPA credential in 2020.  Find an Ameriprise Financial CEPA here.

Wilmington Trust was founded in 1903 and has $139 billion in assets. They serve clients in more than 90 countries and are Industry-recognized leaders in trusts, planning, and investments. Wilmington Trust approved the CEPA credential in 2020. Find a Wilmington Trust CEPA here.

What are the benefits of being an EPI Partner?

As an EPI partner firms gain access to the most accepted credential in the Exit Planning industry. As an advisor working for an EPI partner firm, the CEPA credential allows you to utilize our resources under the umbrella of their company. Combining the industry excellence of your firm with the superior education from Exit Planning Institute offers you a more well-rounded wealth of knowledge.

“When I am asked ‘Why are any partnerships critical in business?’, I always think of Roger Penske, a long time business idol of mine. Roger said one of the critical and key factors to success is meaningful partnerships. I would agree, especially here in the EPI Community. Exit Planning is a team sport. Everyone has a critical role. Just think of the 3 Legs of the Stool. Personal, Personal Financial, and Business. All kinds of advisors coming in and out of the equation. Having solid collaborative partnerships and speaking the same language of value acceleration not only helps us partner but better the client too”, says Scott Snider.

If your firm is interested in becoming a Partner Firm with EPI Scott Snider recommends, “We should sit down and have a conversation so we can understand your goals, objectives, pain points and desires. I’d like to think EPI can provide solutions for you, be a resource to you and help you grow your business and position with business owners. No doubt, if you have business owners of any age and in any position to exit or not, they need our help and need great advisors. Those advisors begin with holistic value in mind (business, personal, financial) and have a passion to help owners build significant companies. If you have owner clients or want to gain a new revenue stream, EPI can be a great partner”. 

Interested in becoming a CEPA?

As an education company dedicated to bringing you the best content and training in the industry, we strive to deliver an unmatched experience that will “supercharge your practice” and give you a competitive edge in a changing marketplace. We invite you to join the CEPA community and experience the impact of our best-in-class education, thriving local, national, and global network, and ongoing practice support. Exit planning is a core competency for advisors of the future. If you work with business owners today, becoming a CEPA will benefit your practice regardless of your specialized discipline. Currently we are providing CEPA education in an all virtual environment through our CEPA Masterclass. Scott Snider refers to our CEPA Masterclass as Three Layers of Learning. 

“Layer One is our virtual classroom where you learn the core body of knowledge which is the Value Acceleration Methodology. Layer Two is self-study work. Here you apply the concepts you learned in the virtual classroom to a case study immediately. Layer Three is the Live Faculty Meetup and Networking portion. You can ask questions to the instructors and your peers, meet your fellow CEPA Candidates, and hear some very raw and real life stories from the field about how advisors are applying their CEPA education in their practice and with owners”. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, let us know below!

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