World Distanced Learning Day

There are many opportunities available to advance your knowledge in your field. Whether you choose to earn a credential, attend a conference, or participate in an educational webinar or event, there is no shortage of education available for professionals. 

While in-person education is a permanent fixture in the professional development industry, online education is on the rise. August 31 is World Distance Learning Day. Learn more about the ever-growing online learning industry, new exit planning education opportunities, and the continued growth of EPI Academy. 

To celebrate World Distanced Learning Day we would like to offer our community of advisors The Basics of Value Acceleration course for free with their purchase of a CEPA program! Purchase your CEPA program on August 31, 2022 to receive the deal!

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The Impact of Online Learning

The online education industry has grown substantially in the past few years. According to Skill Scouter, since 2000 eLearning has increased by 900%. Additionally, the demand for online business and marketing education has grown by over 1820% in the past two years. 

Online education filled a need in the professional education market during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Statista, “digital education and eLearning industries had a total value of $46 billion in 2016 and are expected to grow to $243 billion by 2022, according to research trends.”

EPI President, Scott Snider said about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on exit planning education, “My business partner and father, Chris Snider, and I had to take a risk. Without evolving our programming to meet the need for professional education in the exit planning advisor community, we would never have been able to grow value in our business and in the advisor’s practices.” 

Advancing Exit Planning Education

EPI Academy is Exit Planning Institute’s new interactive online learning platform. In the coming year, EPI Academy will house all of our virtual education, our updated Member Center, student dashboard, and interactive chatroom networking functionality. 

We designed the platform in tracks that allow advisors to easily find the content and education they are looking for to enhance their practice. These include recommended learning and professional development plans. Scott Snider says EPI Academy is “continued professional development in a convenient way. It allows advisors a way to build and advance their own practice by completing courses at their own pace online.” 

Exit Planning Institute’s purpose is to create Significant Companies. Scott says, “In order to help business owners create significant companies, we need CEPAs in our market who surround business owners. CEPAs must be armed with the best tools, knowledge, skills, and network. EPI Academy allows us to advance our CEPAs.” 

EPI Academy Courses

Marketing for the Professional Advisor Masterclass

The EPI Marketing for the Professional Advisor Masterclass is a five-part on-demand masterclass that is broken down into five interactive modules. This course takes all the knowledge and skills accumulated over nearly two decades in the branding, digital marketing, and business ownership industries and packages them all up into easily digestible content for you to consume and begin implementing immediately. 

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Practice Launch Lite

Practice Launch Lite helps exit planning advisors create action plans to implement exit planning services into an existing or standalone firm. Join Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute, as he shows advisors how to navigate and use the CEPA Platform offered by EPI, ideas on how to create awareness and drive new business, and how the value of being a part of EPI can generate new business for you when properly utilized.

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Determining Enterprise Value

In Determining Enterprise Value, Exit Planning Institute CEO, Christopher Snider, will take advisors and owners through the business valuation process. Christopher provides a detailed overview of the valuation process so even those who are not Certified Exit Planning Advisors can understand what makes a business valuable.

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The Basics of Value Acceleration

During this course, host and EPI President, Scott Snider, will take you through the Value Acceleration Methodology™. This methodology was created by Chris Snider and is seen in the book, Walking to Destiny. Attendees complete the course with a baseline understanding of exit planning and how to help business owners plan for their exit effectively. 

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Implementing the 120-Day CEPA Playbook

Implementing the 120-Day CEPA Playbook is an expansion of the playbook you receive in your post-CEPA training. Together with Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute, you will lay the foundation for implementing the training, tools, and knowledge into your practice. Throughout this course, Scott will help you establish the rhythm of your practice and provide helpful hints and key insights from his own experience. You will learn how to build out exit planning practices, service lines, and marketing programs.

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