2019 Exit Planning Summit Takeaways

The Exit Planning Summit is the most significant advisor event in the industry with a massive lineup of education, activities, and events to experience in a few short days. On top of 6-star rated education, once-in-a-career keynote sessions, charitable fundraising, and influential networking, the Summit connects you with premier exit planning providers and partners, charitable efforts benefiting the local community, world-class facilities for your rejuvenation, annual acknowledgement of excellence, and an all-star lineup of experts and influencers to feed your creative needs as a CEPA and leader. In case you missed it, Exit Planning Institute Vice President, Scott Snider, provided his key takeaways on the most valuable parts of the 2019 Exit Planning Summit.

Dr. Fred Johnson: Leading Up

“This year our keynote, Dr. Fred Johnson, represented a key skill that we as advisors need in order to fill the empty seat and connect deeper with the business owner, while also being a better quarterback of a team and collaborator. Filling the empty seat for the owner isn’t necessarily about having more technical skills in investment management, law, accounting, or even consulting. It is about connecting the dots for the owner and becoming the trusted advisor. It is about helping an owner connect their business lives, personal ambitions, and the financial plan that makes it all happen. That takes something different and Fred represents that. Between his skillset and motivational style, I thought he would be a fantastic way to kick off the 2019 Summit.”

The Power of Panels

“The panels are powerful and interactive; they allow us to hear from multiple experts. These experts not only deliver knowledge and wisdom but real stories with real results. From the exited owners panel, to the marketing panel, they all us to get interactive and have a discussion.”

Power Sessions: Filling the Empty Seat

“This year our Power Sessions were about filling the empty seat and from that I took away that all of these topics are skills we can learn and they tend to be leadership based qualities. It is about changing the way we communicate and interact with an owner. It is about making it about them versus just about us, our firm, or what services we can bring. I think it represents something difficult, but doable for us as advisors. It represents something necessary if we want to change the outcome.”


Collaboration: The Essence of EPI

“EPI is committed to providing a small group work experience no matter how big the Summit becomes because it is the essence of who we are at EPI and as CEPAs. Diverse, collaborative groups of advisors sharing one goal for the owner which is to align the three legs of the stool and better the owner’s outcome. That’s what “real life” is like out there for advisors who work on these exit planning teams. So, I like to replicate that as much as we can at the Summit. Day one is about embracing and taking in training and education and day two is about the application of it. We apply it through real life scenarios and some group work. It makes us better CEPAs.”

Business Development Machine

“One of the best things about the EPI community is that it is a business development machine due to the diverse set of advisors across the community. Financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, consultants, folks that represent the exit options like family consultants, ESOPs providers, Private Equity, and even talent development and life coaches. The Summit is where all of this really comes together on a national scale. The best of the best CEPAs, advisors and partners all together for three days. You are bound to get a referral here. It’s a relationship building, business development field day. People sitting across from you and next to you that you could actually do business with tomorrow.”

The Most Significant Takeaway

“I think the most significant takeaway attendees were able to gain was a sense of collaboration and a feeling of community. There were quite a few opportunities to network and connect, such as the Happy Hour, Summit Giveback, and the After Party. Day two was very interactive and everyone was able to learn form each other, not just lecturers or instructors.”

Join the Community

Each year the Exit Planning Summit continues to grow not only in size, but value. Through stimulating sessions such as CEPA Feud, to the compelling power session, to interactive group work, Exit Planning Institute is dedicated to providing best industry content. The 2020 Exit Planning Summit will be held in San Diego next September 14-16. Make plans to join this career-changing event, and register here.

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Official ‘Exit Planning’ Definition: Exit planning combines the plan, concept, effort, and process into a clear, simple strategy to build a business that is transferable through strong human, structural, customer, and social capital. The future of the business owner, his/her family, and the business itself are addressed by exit planning through creating value today.

Exit planning is not just a plan (or a keyed-in report to print out for an owner). It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on his/her terms when they are ready. It aligns the business, personal, and financial needs of the owner. Good exit planning utilizes the Value Acceleration Methodology™ to move clients through discovery, prepare, and decide gates. Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) educate the owner on all of the exit options and enters an engagement with an exit-option-agnostic perspective as to truly serve the business owner’s diverse needs. CEPAs collaborate with a seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of professionals to support the success of the business owner and use each other’s specialties and expertise to the benefit of the project. [view the award-winning methodology]

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