Here's What You Missed: 5 Power Sessions from the 2024 Exit Planning Summit

Title over EPI Summit Stage

On the final day of the 2024 Exit Planning Summit, industry leaders delivered TED talk-style presentations packed with valuable insights for financial advisors and business owners alike. Covering diverse topics such as optimizing client interactions, maximizing intellectual property, and fostering collaborative exit planning teams, these sessions provided innovative strategies to navigate the intricate realm of exit planning. Here’s a quick summary of what you missed. 

Power Sessions

1. The Tribe Mentality – Winning is a Team Effort by Skyler Stokes 

Skyler Stokes showed how working together can create better results for clients and help your own growth. Learn how to use strategic partners and real case studies to boost success. 


2. The Day After by Jessica Fialkovich  

Jessica Fialkovich shared her personal story about the emotional challenges entrepreneurs face after selling their business. She discussed how to help clients prepare for these tough feelings.


3. Ditch the Drama – Elevating Humanized Leaders by Mary Pat Knight  

Mary Pat Knight taught how to remove drama from your organization to help teams and leaders thrive. Learn about emotional regulation and how to lead without falling into the drama triangle. 


4. Why Gifting a Family Business to the Next Generation is Destroying Family Wealth by Tom Deans 

Tom Deans explained why gifting family businesses can harm family wealth and relationships. He argued that selling the business can actually build more value and protect the family’s future. 


5. Leveraging 5th Dimensional Customer Experience by John D. Hanson 

John D. Hanson introduced the concept of the 5th Dimension of Customer Experience. He shared strategies to deeply engage customers, increase revenue, and ensure sustainable growth.  


2025 Exit Planning Summit

We’re grateful for our amazing speakers who shared invaluable knowledge and strategies at the 2024 Summit. Join us next year for more incredible sessions, networking opportunities, and expert advice to take your practice to the next level. Be part of another unforgettable experience—register today!