9 Software Tools That Build Value in Your Exit Planning Practice

The Exit Planning Institute provides education for advisors in every facet of the exit planning industry. As the authority in exit planning, we work with best-in-class partners and service providers that can improve advisors’ practice offerings and build incredible value in their clients’ businesses. 

Today we feature nine software tools that benefit our community of Certified Exit Planning Advisors® (CEPAs) and others in the exit planning community. Learn more about each of these software providers below!  


Capitaliz is a leading digital platform to deliver business valuation, succession, and exit planning outcomes. Created by exit and succession planning veterans, Capitaliz is built with an understanding of exit strategies and proven methodologies to accelerate business value and improve outcomes for private business owners in collaboration with CEPAs.

Capitaliz allows CEPAs to deliver advice at scale, with efficient analysis, collaboration, and administration features. Core to the platform is a unique 21-step approach evaluating all parts of a client's business utilizing financial, non-financial, and benchmarking data. Embedded proprietary methodologies then accelerate business value, minimize risk, and improve outcomes. The incremental value generated is tracked in real time via Dynamic Revaluation allowing CEPAs to justify the positive ROI of their advice easily.


The value for business owners is peace of mind because the business doesn’t rely on them. It’s like knowledge insurance that everything is in one place so the business could run without them. Trainual provides a more tangible asset that could be sold without the owner, less dependence on an earn-out for a smooth transition period. More profitable company when everyone is following best practices. More innovation when everyone is encouraged to challenge and improve the norm of how things are done, better culture where people are aligned with the responsibilities the company expects of them. Everyone is rowing in the same direction toward mission and vision.

The value Trainual brings to a CEPA is to elevate the standard of what a business buyer would expect. We want to make having a Trainual like asking for a carfax. It provides signals of a healthier and more valuable business.


The vast majority of business owners rely on the sale of their business to fund their retirement. Yet most do not know the value of their business, and those that do spend far too much time and money getting that valuation created. With BizEquity, not only do business owners get an on-demand, accurate estimate of value that adjusts as their business evolves, but they also get deeper insights into the details of their valuation.

BizEquity enables CEPAs to become their client’s most valued advisors by providing each advisor with their own white-labeled instance of their patented valuation platform. Within their unique instance of the platform, CEPAs can "automate the triggering event" by engaging business owners with real-time valuation insights, benchmark each business to its peers using a library of industry-specific KPIs, run personalized valuation reports in seconds, and prospect for new clients via a proprietary database of business owners.

The ExitMap 

The ExitMap provides a structured discovery system designed to help a business owner determine goals, objectives, and a Personal Vision when undertaking the process of exit planning.

They are the first step (Discovery) that leads to a triggering event. Their step-by-step process is designed to complement any advisor. ExitMap is a subscription-based software with hands-on coaching support that helps advisors who want a better way to begin exit planning conversations, engage clients in fee-based advisory work, and are willing to work side-by-side with clients in their discovery journey.


Maus strategic and exit planning software offers business owners a user-friendly platform to create and execute exit plans. Benefits include a clear understanding of their business’s value, maximizing business value by addressing weaknesses, learning what makes their business attractive to buyers, and integrating the globally recognized Value Acceleration Methodology (VAM). Maus enables effective exit planning, ensuring long-term business success as well as salability.

Maus offers Certified Exit Planning Advisors® (CEPA) value by aligning with the Value Acceleration Methodology (VAM) and CEPA curriculum. The platform automates triggering events, generates insightful reports, and systemizes service offerings for consistency. It provides valuation tools, reports, and business insights. CEPAs using Maus can distinguish themselves, create engagement with business owners, and expand their referral network, ultimately differentiating their services and fostering growth in the competitive market.

My Biz Value

My Biz Value is a business valuation company founded by Rick Krebs, a mergers and acquisitions specialist, and longtime tax strategist with a passion for helping business owners and investors. Rick has the expertise to spot companies with high growth potential and his business valuations have helped investors avoid bidding mistakes and also protected owners from making poor decisions. My Biz Value is involved in the Triggering Event. They not only value but assist in the planning process with the client.

As a respected CPA, Rick is known for his dedication to accuracy and deadlines, and for taking extra time to ensure clients thoroughly understand their business valuation report. This extra-mile mentality has been instilled in the entire My Biz Value team. Each My Biz Value report utilizes 3 national databases of sold businesses, pulling data from over 50,000 business sale transactions. From there, every report is then checked against the top valuation methods to ensure the most accurate value is assigned.

Quist Valuation

Quist Valuation is a full-service business valuation firm providing actionable insights to improve management decision-making, valuation, and company performance. Quist’s comprehensive valuation services and software solutions position owners to achieve their goals at any stage of their journey from Discovery to Exit. Our team of valuation specialists helps owners understand a business's tangible and intangible drivers.

Quist provides CEPAs with a single source of valuation expertise throughout the owner’s journey. We offer an array of valuation services including our Quist Insights platform (Spotlight™ and Advanced™) that assists CEPAs during the Discovery process, and Certified Valuations to assist clients with needs such as shareholder buy-in/out arrangements, phantom equity plans, and wealth transfer planning.

The Value Builder System

The Value Builder System has a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of a company. Owners achieve this by first completing their Value Builder Questionnaire to identify their Value Builder Score. By using their 12 modules, owners who improve their score to 80 or above yield acquisition offers a 71% above average. In addition, their Discovery Questionnaires help owners objectively quantify an owner’s personal, financial, and business readiness to exit.

You get the tools and content to find, win, and keep more clients. First, leverage data-driven content that is tested and optimized by a panel of 25,000 business owners. The Value Builder System offers a subscription to our software solution that includes training, and access to a library of content and tools. CEPAs come to Value Builder because they need done-for-you marketing content that’s statistically proven to resonate with owners, and tools to benchmark an owner and their business.

Value Opportunity Profile 

The Value Opportunity Profile has established a transformative process starting with a company’s leadership team. Together they discover how each perceives the company's strengths and weaknesses differently. By the end, companies are more disciplined, focused, and aligned in terms of where they are going and how they are going to get there. Results show companies often reposition themselves in the marketplace, grow faster, gain margin & profit expansion, and increase their value.

Exit Planning focuses on the business owner’s financial picture. It helps answer important questions: What does the owner need to retire? What are the current exit options? How can the CEPA support them to an exit? The Value Opportunity Profile (VOP) software focuses on the business itself, which is typically the owner’s largest asset. The VOP Software highlights the current state of the business and guides the company to achieve its goals. It teaches the skills and framework to implement a roadmap to maximize business value.

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