Accounting Firm Strategy - Webinar Series

Exit Planning Institute is launching a Webinar Series that highlights how CPAs can integrate Business Owner Engagement Tactics into their Accounting firms in 2021. This three-part webinar series will show CPAs and their firms how to effectively engage and build deeper relationships with business owners. All while introducing entangling services such as exit planning, succession planning, value growth, and other consultative services.

The Exit Planning Institute is the leading authority on exit planning and value acceleration. Having credentialed more than 2,600 Certified Exit Planning Advisors and worked with more than 30,000 advisors and firms across the US, EPI has the process, methodology and systems to help CPAs continue to hold a seat at the owners table as their most trusted advisor.

Learn more about each session in the Accounting Firm Strategy Series below:

How CPAs can gain and grow Business Owner Clients: An Intriguing and Empowering Strategy

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
1 P.M. – 2 P.M. ET

The award-winning Value Acceleration Methodology is the leading process to help businesses rapidly grow value, align goals, and harvest the value from their company. Exiting not just successfully but significantly. According to State of Owner Readiness research, 80% of owners have no formal value growth or transition team, 90% have done no personal planning and nearly 50% of owners have done no planning at all. How do we as CPAs, the owners most trusted advisor by far, begin to get the owner to act for themselves and for us, so we can retain better clients for generations to come. During this webinar we will introduce the methodology that intrigues and empowers business owners to act!

The CPAs Opportunity: Sale Funnel Management, Marketing, Business Development and Client Retention

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
1 P.M. – 2 P.M. ET

Moving from transactional services to consultative services is a different strategy and approach. When engaging owners to actively grow value in their companies and position for an effective exit, the CPA must understand not only what generation their owner or the owner’s family members are a part of, but understand the ways in which the owners mindset needs to shift and what effectively makes it shift. During this webinar, EPI will help CPAs identify their exit planning prospects, and show the opportunity in cross-selling (exit planning identifies multiple services from valuation, to audit, wealth management, technology needs, etc.). You’ll also see examples of marketing and business development tactics that have had major success.

Delivering the Service: Setting up the Accounting Firm to Effectively Deliver Client Work

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
1 P.M. – 2 P.M. ET

You have now effectively educated the owner, triggering action! The owner now wants to proceed with exit planning services. But how do you deliver the work, what process do you follow, what advisors are around the table, what tools and resources do you use and how should this be priced? In this final session, EPI will show you, through case study examples, how many accounting firms are incorporating exit planning services into their practice model, how they engage effectively and how you can set up an exit planning service line and deliver work for your own clients.

In addition to the Webinar Series, we are releasing the CPA Playbook that details how Accounting Firms can capitalize on the Exit Planning industry. See if your firm is set to take on Exit Planning Clients by completing three surveys that track company readiness. Request access to the CPA Playbook below.