Announcing Exit Planning Institute’s New Business Owners Forums

The Exit Planning Institute has an extensive Chapter Network across the country. These chapters provide monthly meetings for professional advisors to advance their knowledge in exit planning topics and grow their network. While Chapter meetings typically serve advisors, Business Owners Forums provide an opportunity for business owners across the United States to meet and engage with other leaders in their region. 

Learn more about our improved Business Owners Forum events and attend a Chapter event in your area! 

What is a Business Owners Forum?

The Business Owners Forum provides both advisors and owners with a look at the future of exit planning. Discover why proper exit planning is important for not only your future success but the success of your business as well. 

This event helps to connect the dots, showcase your firm as the go-to in the market, and fosters a collaborative environment for owners to get the information they need to build value and trigger action in their businesses. 

A Diverse Collection of Speakers

Attendees will hear sessions from advisors, owners, and experts from across the country. Some Chapters showcase panels that reflect the owner’s ideal exit planning team, others host regional experts, and some will highlight leadership professionals from InitiativeOne. 

These Owners Forum events provide advisors and owners with the opportunity to hear from a Super Bowl Champion, a 13-time Tony Award winner, Chapter Leadership, and industry experts! 

Where Can I Attend a Business Owners Forum?

This Fall, many EPI Chapters will host their Business Owners Forums. Each event is different, but all will benefit owners in their region. 

Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter: Do You Believe in Culture  

Join the EPI Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter on Thursday, October 6 for their Business Owners Forum. This event features networking opportunities, a keynote speaker, and happy hour. Ben Utecht will walk you through four elite principles that are foundational in both life and business, during the Believe in Culture™ program.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Ben Utecht brings you inside the NFL Huddle to discover the steps to practicing championship listening. 
  • Experience the daily schedule of a Super Bowl contender and discover the keys of practicing championship learning. 
  • Listen in on the most intricate offense and audible system in NFL history to discover the facets of practicing championship language. 
  • Join the team and discover how practicing a championship culture of value and respect can propel you to new heights of success.
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Greater New York Chapter: 9th Annual Business Owners Forum

Join the EPI New York Chapter on Tuesday, October 25 for their ninth annual Business Owners Forum. This event will include two keynote speakers, an interview with a 13-time Tony Award-winning producer, and networking opportunities. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the future of exit planning from the advisor and owner perspective
  • Understand the importance of incorporating experiences, people, and innovation into your practice
  • Highlight how your firm can flourish with the addition of a collaborative exit planning team
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Wisconsin Chapter: Bringing It All Together to Maximize Your Greatest Asset, Your Business

Join the EPI Wisconsin Chapter on Thursday, November 3 for their fourth annual Business Owners Forum. This event provides owners with a look at the future – where the business has the potential to go and how business owners may maximize the value of their greatest personal asset: their business.

Attendees will learn the personal journey of three business owners that have gone through the full entrepreneurial journey, including selling the company to monetize the value of their companies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate the process for growing a highly valuable business
  • Compare different owner’s experiences in the exit process
  • Highlight the process of converting paper wealth into tangible, money-in-the-bank wealth
  • Emphasize the importance of aligning business, personal, and financial goals
  • Learn more about using your advisory team in the process
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