April EPI Masterclass: Reflections from Attendees

Understanding what our attendees find valuable (and what they do not) is crucial to EPI. The power of feedback and guidance provides gives us the right focus. As one of our core values, feedback helps us continue to uphold our brand promise: best content in the industry, ongoing support and advisor development, and provide a platform for connectivity to business owners.

A Note From Our Vice President

On behalf of the entire EPI Community, Faculty and Staff I wanted to say thank you for attending the inaugural CEPA Masterclass! Your participation marks a significant historic moment for the Exit Planning Institute and Certified Exit Planning Advisor as this new style of programming will change the way professional education is delivered and gives the overall industry an example of what is possible.

We appreciate all of your patience, support and most of all of your honest feedback along the way this week. This feedback we take very seriously and is critical in improving the user experience and overall program for future attendees. I hope that you have found this program very valuable and have grabbed items throughout the week that you can immediately apply to your practice and with your owners. Good luck on your tests, stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to working with all of you for a long time to come as you resource in exit planning. —Scott Snider

We know that nothing is more important than leaning into the EPI Brand Mission: CHANGE THE OUTCOME. Feedback is what makes this possible. We asked our attendees of the April EPI Masterclass to post their work stations while attending Masterclass. Check out what they had to say!

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