EPI Announcement: EPI Masterclass is New, Reinvented Way Learn (and Earn CEPA) Online

Empowering Advisors and Owners to use exit planning as business strategy…now more than ever.

The past thirty days have disrupted normalcy as we know it; as individuals, families, business professionals, breadwinners, community leaders, and business owners. Businesses have been thrown into such tumultuous circumstances. Hour-by-hour, new information is released (some bad, some good).

On top of that, owners and advisors alike have to sift through the onslaught of data coming their way from all angles while trying to lead their company through this crisis.

Becoming a source of good information for owners

EPI wants to provide good, reliable information easy to find and accessible from a virtual location. We want to offer innovative solutions for educational programs, networking, and best practice development.

We want to make CEPA training and exit planning more accessible than ever. Why? We believe that Certified Exit Planning Advisors have the knowledge, passion, and ability to stand the business community back up.

You are the advisor an owner needs right now as an essential part of their present and future business success.

Delivering you the ability to earn CEPA while you #stayathome

You can help owners stabilize, harvest that value, and develop wealth beyond income. At CEPA, advisors will learn how to manage value and how to use exit planning as good business strategy.

We want to change the outcome for business owners. The need for reliable strategic advice and risk management expertise has never been greater. In fact, it’s essential.

And now, for the first time in EPI history, the CEPA program has been digitally remastered and delivered to thousands of advisors from across the globe through our new education experience: EPI Masterclass™.

EPI Masterclass: A new and better way to learn online

The world was in a different place 30 days ago. The world we live in now needs to evolve quickly to meet the demands to reconnect us with high-quality resources and education we need during a time of extended distancing. We need solutions that elevate our world as it is today.

EPI is proud to offer the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program now on our new virtual training platform: EPI Masterclass™!

EPI Masterclass Simplified
―Full-Scale Virtual Classroom Production for Optimized Learning―
Remastered to Deliver the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Credential: Most Accepted & Endorsed Exit Planning Designation via a Live Simulated CEPA Virtual Classroom.

You can now earn the top exit planning designation online—without loss of quality.

Developed to exceed your expectations of run-of-the-mill webinar training, the EPI Masterclass™ is a five-day virtual classroom experience that trains and certifies qualified professional advisors with the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation in the field of exit planning.

First-of-its-kind Edu-Series Experience

This is not just another webinar training you’ll take alone in your home office. EPI Masterclass™ is a production-quality, first-of-its-kind, “Edu-Series” experience delivering one-on-one live, simulated education in a way that you will retain and put to use immediately.

EPI Masterclass:
Online Learning Experience Checklist

To meet the growing demand from the worldwide advisor community while staying true to our best-in-class commitment to high-quality educational experiences, EPI Masterclass™ redefining what online learning means, breaking away from “webinar mode,” and bringing something new to the market that hits on the most critical factors for your learning:

EPI Masterclass Virtual Classroom
  • Engineered for Optimized Virtual Experience: Methodically delivering interactive, stimulating, thought-provoking knowledge in a digitally remastered way.
  • Live & Tailored Interactive Content: A virtual experience designed to expand your world view and transport you into an interpersonal, simulated classroom environment.
  • Synthesized Core Concepts Delivered by Masters in the Field: Exposing you to experts with deep knowledge and practical applications to share without limiting your ability to interact on a one-to-one level.
  • Embracing Neuroscience to Heighten Knowledge Retention: Crafted with the physiology of the brain in mind; creating intentional triggers and stimuli that boost your brain’s ability to pave paths and create connections that you will need to pass your CEPA exam; but more importantly, that you will be able to recall and leverage in real-world scenarios.
  • Attention-Grabbing, Production-Quality Broadcast Experience: A full-scale production streamed on network-quality technology that reduces errors and disruptions plus keeps you highly engaged from beginning to end.

You are the essential advisor an owner needs today. We have the knowledge and platform you can leverage to increase your competitive edge and thrive in a volatile market.

If you work with business owners, don’t wait. The need has never been higher and there has never been a better way. Visit www.EPImasterclass.com to learn more.

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