April Showers Bring May Flowers: Plan For Your Financial Future Today

As any gardener will likely tell you, “April showers bring May flowers.” 

This parable, with origins in the United Kingdom, has been around for generations, providing a bit of respite for anyone going through something agonizing, uncomfortable, or negative. No matter how things are going in the present, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. 

But here at EPI, we think the phrase has another meaning. Without the rain, the flowers would not grow. The rain is a critical factor in the overall success of the garden. Similarly, without creating a detailed exit plan that incorporates an owner’s personal, business, and financial goals today, their financial future is in jeopardy. 

Planning Today for a Significant Future Tomorrow

Just like the rain provides the plants with the hydration they need to grow into strong and stable flowers, the work you put into your business today greatly impacts its salability in the future. The future of the business owner, their family, and the company itself are addressed by exit planning through creating value today. 

By incorporating your business, personal, and financial goals into your exit plan and day-to-day business strategy, you put yourself on track to have not only a successful exit but a significant one. Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider, shares, “A significant company is one that is ready, attractive, valuable, and transferable at any given time. The company is near best-in-class performance while having employees, vendors, and partners that enjoy working there and are part of a culture.”

He continues, “The owner is decentralized from the company, which runs independently of the business owner. Customers are happy, well-engaged, and entangled with the company. And the business owner's personal and personal financial goals are tied together and well-defined in a master plan. This company, its employees, and their owners live the Value Acceleration Methodology lifestyle. It is a part of their daily jive and rhythm.”

Embracing Exit Planning Lessons 

Plants need more than just rain to grow. They need nutrient-rich soil, fertilizer, pest control, and sunshine. For your business to blossom, you must constantly work toward making improvements not only on your business but in your professional development as well. Exit Planning Institute offers complimentary exit planning content to expand your knowledge of trending business practices and value acceleration. 

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Take the Next Step in Planning Today

One of the keys to growing significant value in our business today is to continuously improve your education in exit planning topics. EPI offers a wide range of education surrounding various exit planning strategies, resources, and implementations. Our EPI Academy platform provides both owners and their advisors with introductory and mastery-level courses on value acceleration and exit planning. 

The Basics of Value Acceleration

The Basics of Value Acceleration course was created as an introduction to exit planning for both business owners and advisors. During this course, host and EPI President, Scott Snider, will take you through the Value Acceleration Methodology™. This methodology was created by Chris Snider and is seen in the book, Walking to Destiny. Attendees complete the course with a baseline understanding of exit planning and how to help business owners plan for their exit effectively.

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Business Valuation Through the Value Acceleration Methodology

The Business Valuation Through the Value Acceleration Methodology course was created to take attendees through an exploration of business valuation as a continuum. During this course, the President of Quist, Shina Culberson, provides attendees with a better understanding of the different valuation solutions that can be used with clients, when to use certain tactics, how to choose the best partners for your team, and be a better partner yourself. 

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