Circle of Excellence: Profile of Inductee Justin Goodbread

Justin Goodbread Headshot with Title

Justin Goodbread has a unique perspective on business ownership. In his book, "Your Baby is Ugly: Maximize the Value of Your Business or You’ll Have Nothing to Sell", he addresses a crucial question: Are you creating a business that’s attractive to others—or is it a business only a parent could love? Justin, a Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA) with ongoing education from the Exit Planning Institute® (EPI), considers this book the highlight of his career. It reached the top of the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, drawing on lessons learned from his CEPA® training. 

Gaining Perspective

“The curriculum taught by EPI gives a framework to challenge the mind of the overly confident business owner who really has never put a framework around maximizing value,” Justin says.  

And he’s lived that framework, too. Prior to earning his CEPA in 2017, Justin owned and sold four businesses. After applying the methodology, he had an eight-figure exit in five years.

“If you focus on value, inevitably, they (potential buyers) see your business as you see it,” Justin says. “It changes the dynamic.”

Today, Justin is host of "The Justin Goodbread Show", a production of Financially Simple Productions. The weekly podcast deals with educating, inspiring, and encouraging today’s business owners so they can achieve their dreams. Justin is also developing educational courses and a coaching program to launch later this year.

“I get more and more CEPAs that reach out to me, so I’m designing a platform to help them,” Justin says. “I’ve started and sold seven businesses, and it’s time for me to teach people how to do the same thing.” 

Recognition and Achievements

Justin is a two-time winner of the Exit Planner of the Year Award. At last count, he has produced 515 podcast episodes, 300 hours of YouTube videos, and written about 1,900 blog posts.  

Leadership Insights

According to Justin “A leader is somebody who can see the future. They know where they’re headed with clarity. They may have different leadership styles—relying on tenacity, resolve, or charisma—but they all inspire others to move in action to a common goal.”  

Deeper Meanings

“I don’t think the words ‘exit planning’ does justification to what we do. It’s not just about people wanting to sell their business. Exit planning is good business planning” Justin emphasizes. 

Born for It

Justin asserts that “a successful exit planning advisor was born for this—it’s not a façade. They live and breathe helping business owners reach all they can. It’s an honor and privilege to walk alongside owners to achieve everything they can.” 

Country Roads, Take It Home

“If this country boy in the most regulated practice can go from nothing to an eight-figure exit, anyone can do it,” says Justin. 

About the Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is a new yearly recognition of the people who have contributed significantly to the exit planning profession. It acknowledges those who have built community and the body of knowledge we all use to advise business owners.

In our inaugural year, nine members were inducted into the Circle of Excellence at the 2024 Exit Planning Summit. Throughout 2024, we’ll profile each of them to highlight their contributions to the field of exit planning. 

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