EPI Academy Courses Are Now Eligible for CFP and NASBA Continuing Education!

The Exit Planning Institute is excited to announce that several of our EPI Academy courses now have joint accreditation from the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). 

This allows EPI members to leverage the courses for EPI’s Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) credential while meeting certification requirements for a CFP or NASBA. The courses are also available to other professionals, such as financial planners, accountants, and attorneys, who need to complete CEU credits for CFP or NASBA.

 “We’re proud to partner with leading trade organizations like CFP and NASBA to provide robust training for their members,” says Scott Snider, President of Exit Planning Institute. “EPI wants to ensure we make our education available to as many professionals as possible as business owners typically rely on a team of trusted advisors to guide their future and eventual exit from a company.”

EPI Academy Provides Flexible Learning Option for Busy Professionals

EPI Academy offers continued professional development in a convenient way that allows business advisors to advance their practice by completing courses at their own pace online. The platform enables advisors to easily find the content and education they are looking for and build ongoing professional development plans. Each course is rich with practical techniques, case studies, and real-world scenarios, ensuring immediate applicability.

EPI Courses Approved by CFP and NASBA

The newly approved EPI courses that may be taken for CFP or NASBA credit include:

Basics of Value Acceleration

Eligible for 2.5 NASBA Credits and 2.5 CFP Credits

The Basics of Value Acceleration course was created as an introduction to exit planning for both business owners and advisors. During this course, host and EPI President, Scott Snider, will take you through the Value Acceleration Methodology™. This methodology was created by Chris Snider and is seen in the book, Walking to Destiny. Attendees complete the course with a baseline understanding of exit planning and how to help business owners plan for their exit effectively.

The Triggering Event Workshop: Determining Enterprise Value

Eligible for 3 NASBA Credits and 3 CFP Credits

What’s your business worth in the open market? In The Triggering Event Workshop: Determining Enterprise Value, Exit Planning Institute CEO, Chris Snider, will take you through the business valuation process. Chris will break down the language, terminology, and numbers involved so that even those who are not certified professionals in the subject can understand what makes a business valuable.

Team Building: Defining Well-Functioning Teams

Eligible for 3.5 NASBA Credits

This interactive EPI Academy course will take you through the foundational elements of putting a team in place, and how to master behaviors critical to a team’s success. This gives attendees a better understanding of why, when, and where to utilize teams, as well as impactful tools and strategies to put your knowledge into practice.

Making Referrals Predictable

Eligible for 2 NASBA Credits

Having a dedicated referral system will put you on the right path for a more consistent, and personalized, revenue growth strategy. The Making Referrals Predictable course will take you through the entire process of implementing these key strategies, and provide a set of immediate action steps for you to take along the way.

Tap Into Your Quiet Confidence and Unlock Engagement Potential

Eligible for 2 NASBA Credits and 2 CFP Credits

This course was created to take you through the process of attracting, engaging, and retaining clients by utilizing a new set of communication and counseling tools, instead of the standard technical ones. 

Business Valuation Through the Value Acceleration Methodology

Eligible for 1 NASBA Credits and 1 CFP Credits

The Business Valuation Through the Value Acceleration Methodology course was created to take attendees through an exploration of business valuation as a continuum. Attendees complete the course with a better understanding of the different valuation solutions that can be used with clients, when to use certain tactics, how to choose the best partners for your team, and be a better partner yourself.

Empowering Conversations with Business Owners 

Eligible for 1.5 NASBA Credits and 1.5 CFP Credits

What is an "empowering conversation?" When it comes to discussing exit planning with your clients, it's the catalyst for triggering owner action. This course shows you as an advisor how to deploy these conversations, better engage clients, and change the standard business owner mindset. 

Sell Your Business on Your Terms 

Eligible for 3 NASBA Credits and 3 CFP Credits

During this course, instructor Scott Bushkie brings over 20+ years of experience in the M&A industry to help business advisors through the process of properly preparing a business for the transition, understanding the value drivers behind it, and ultimately leading your clients to a successful and fulfilling exit.

Accelerate Your Exit Planning Practice 

Eligible for 2.5 NASBA Credits

During this course, presenter Julie Keyes (value advisor, author, podcaster, and award-winning CEPA), will take you through everything she has learned and experienced in building her exit planning practice. This will give you a better understanding of key areas to focus on to implement these strategies and systems into your own business. 

Implementing Value Acceleration as a Financial Advisor

Eligible for 2 NASBA Credits and 2 CFP Credits

As a financial advisor, you may be asking yourself how you can begin to incorporate the Value Acceleration Methodology™ into what you do as a fiduciary for your clients and your practice. This course provides you with the knowledge on how to do just that. Join the 2022 EPI Exit Planner of the Year, Justin Goodbread, CEPA®, CFP®, CVGA, as he takes you through the process of utilizing value acceleration to help maximize your client's value and allow them to achieve their goals.

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