EPI is Pleased to Welcome 87 New Advisors to the CEPA Community

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June Class of 2020

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the newest Certified Exit Planning Advisors to join the growing exit planning community!

  • Stacy Allred, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Sammamish, WA [read more]
  • Garrett Alton, CEPA, Wilmington Trust, Atlanta, GA [read more]
  • John Anderson, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Edina, MN [read more]
  • Joseph Biondolillo, CEPA, BiondFinancial [read more]
  • Daniel Bishop, CEPA, Black Swan Advisors, LLC., McLeansboro, IL [read more]
  • Lee Bowman, CEPA, Five Point Financial, Charlotte, NC [read more]
  • Michael Brezina, CEPA, Valentus Specialty Chemicals [read more]
  • Kathryn Bryan, CEPA, Dorman Legacy Advisors And Skylight Financial Grou, Medina, OH [read more]
  • George Burnette, CEPA, First Citizens Wealth Management, Raleigh, NC [read more]
  • Neil Byrne, CEPA, PNC Bank, Louisville, KY [read more]
  • Scott Cousino, CEPA, Legacy Capital Planners, LLC., Grand Rapids, MI [read more]
  • Christopher Cousins, CEPA, Financial Architects, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI [read more]
  • Rufus Cressend, CEPA, Waterfront Wealth Management, Metairie, LA [read more]
  • Sonia Crumpler, CEPA, Merrill Lynch Private Wealth Management, Atlanta, GA [read more]
  • Michael Dolezal, CEPA, U Advisors, Mahtomedi, MN [read more]
  • Timothy Dougherty, CEPA, Financial Guide, LLC., Horsham, PA [read more]
  • Barry Engelman, CEPA, Barry Engelman, LLC., Woodway, TX [read more]
  • James Enriquez, CEPA, Strategic Insights Financial Planning Group, Mission, TX [read more]
  • Sandra Finch, CEPA, Finch Exit Strategies, PLLC, Spring, TX [read more]
  • Karin Foster, CEPA, Treveri Law PC, Albuquerque, NM [read more]
  • Mark Fulton, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Austin, TX [read more]
  • Carla Furuno, CEPA, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Laguna Beach, CA [read more]
  • John Gardner, CEPA, Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Louisville, KY [read more]
  • George Gerhard, CEPA, Watchtower Advisory LLC., Elmsford, NY [read more]
  • Angela Gonino, CEPA, Chemical Bank, Birmingham, MI [read more]
  • Harry Grant, CEPA, JTL Wealth Partners [read more]
  • Andre Hamilton, CEPA, Roark Capital, Mableton, GA [read more]
  • Zachary Han, CEPA, 1984, Saint Louis, MO [read more]
  • Don Hardison, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Louisville, KY [read more]
  • Nathaniel Harris, CEPA, First Citizens Bank [read more]
  • Jason Hetland, CEPA, Hetland Financial LLC., Minneapolis, MN [read more]
  • Gregory Hoffman, CEPA, GAH Capital, Glen Oaks, NY [read more]
  • Cory Howard, CEPA, Merrill Lynch [read more]
  • Henry Jakobsze, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Downers Grove, IL [read more]
  • Zack Johnson, CEPA, Johnson & Brannen Advisory Group, Athens, GA [read more]
  • Daniel Johnson, CEPA, Parsec Financial Winston, Salem, NC [read more]
  • Jennifer Kasker, CEPA, UBS, Tuxedo Park, NY [read more]
  • Suzanne Killea, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Hillsborough CA [read more]
  • Andrew Klein, CEPA, Focal Point Financial Strategies, Madison, WI [read more]
  • John Kostic, CEPA, Beacon Wealth Team, Newport Beach, CA [read more]
  • Chris Kramer, CEPA, Integrity Exit Strategies, Chino Hills, CA [read more]
  • Todd Krough, CEPA, Tealwood Asset Management, Minneapolis, MN [read more]
  • Maria Kutscher, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA [read more]
  • John Limongelli, CEPA, NRL Wealth Creation Strategies LLC., Roslyn, NY [read more]
  • Ellen Linares, CEPA, HF Financial [read more]
  • David Lloyd, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, San Antonio, TX [read more]
  • Hawley MacLean, CEPA, MacLean Financial Group [read more]
  • Matt Magness, CEPA, Concordia SBDC, Fargo, ND [read more]
  • Manuel Monasterio, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Santa Fe, NM [read more]
  • Mike Morgan, CEPA, Wilmington Trust, Cumming, GA [read more]
  • James Motteler, CEPA, Ameriprise Scotts, Valley, CA [read more]
  • Troy Murray, CEPA, Poloplaz, Inc., Jacksonville, AR [read more]
  • Anthony Nichols, CEPA, The CFO Matrix, LLC., Richardson, TX [read more]
  • Colin Nicholson, CEPA, Withum, Orlando, FL [read more]
  • William Nugent, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Riverview, FL [read more]
  • Michael O’Connell, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Lutherville Timonium, MD [read more]
  • Joe Palma, CEPA, Cornerstone Advisors, Bangor, PA [read more]
  • W Scott Parker Jr., CEPA, UBS, Fort Lauderdale, FL [read more]
  • Frank Pellicori, CEPA, UBS, Chicago, IL [read more]
  • Allen Pierce, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Colorado [read more]
  • Matthew Poole, CEPA, Rancho Private Wealth, San Diego, CA [read more]
  • Jameson Pugh, CEPA, H&A Capital Group, LLC., Auburn, AL [read more]
  • Zachary Ryan, CEPA, Lethert, Skwira, Schultz & Co. LLP, Saint Paul, MN [read more]
  • Krystall Sanford, CEPA, UBS Private Wealth Management, Atlanta, GA [read more]
  • Justin Schnurstein, CEPA, UBS, Las Vegas, NV [read more]
  • Lan Shaw, CEPA, Vision Financial Planning, Inc, California [read more]
  • Jacqueline Sheffer, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Ballston Spa, NY [read more]
  • Kenny Sheresky, CEPA, Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management [read more]
  • Lawrence Sidney, CEPA, MacLean Financial Group [read more]
  • Darren Siegrist, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Irvine, CA [read more]
  • Bill Simonet, CEPA, Simonet Financial Group, LLC., Kyle, TX [read more]
  • Heather Smart, CEPA, WGG Wealth Partners, Roseville, CA [read more]
  • Eddy Smith, CEPA,  Knoxville, TN [read more]
  • Alexander Smith, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Long Island City, NY [read more]
  • Lisa Snyder, CEPA, UBS Financial Services, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA [read more]
  • Dan Springer, CEPA, MFG [read more]
  • Sara Stanich, CEPA, Cultivating Wealth, Montauk, NY [read more]
  • Nicholas Tarrab, CEPA, UBS Financial Services Inc., Lafayette, CA [read more]
  • Shannon Thompson, CEPA, Creative Wealth Management Group, Winston-Salem, NC [read more]
  • David Timms, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, GA [read more]
  • Kate Vriner, CEPA, Sunbelt Business Advisors, Dayton, OH [read more]
  • Alex Weatherly, CEPA, Callison, Tighe & Robinson, LLC., Lexington, SC [read more]
  • Hardy Winburn, CEPA, Winburn Wealth Management, AR [read more]
  • Greg Wood, CEPA, Phoenix Exchange Corporation, Kitchener, Ontario [read more]
  • Lindsey Young, CEPA, Quiet Wealth LLC., Baltimore, MD [read more]
  • Henry Ziff, CEPA, Sentrik Ltd., London, London [read more]
  • Brett Zion, CEPA, Merrill Lynch, Knoxville, TN [read more]

We look forward to supporting all of you, alongside the entire CEPA network, as you change outcomes for the middle market!

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