Introducing the EPI Insiders Bash

SEPTEMBER 14-16, 2020

We are proud to announce the Insiders Bash presented by the Exit Planning Institute. We’re coming together for three days of celebrating the best people, collecting the best content and connecting with advisors and owners from all over.

What About the Exit Planning Summit?

When we looked at the Exit Planning Summit, our team felt as though the style, brand, and experience of the Summit was designed to be best enjoyed in person.

Due to the nature of current conditions, our team first and foremost wanted to be safe and socially responsible. We also felt it would prove difficult to replicate that experience online, so these reasons ultimately led to our decision to postpone the Exit Planning Summit to 2021.

In its place, we are proud to announce the EPI Insiders Bash.

Introducing EPI Insiders Bash

We at EPI knew that we could not just postpone the Exit Planning Summit and do nothing at all. Though the pandemic has canceled a lot of in person gatherings this year, we still understand the importance of fostering connection.

Many people are still hungry for education, and our business owners are still looking for support and ideas.

We wanted to give our community an opportunity to get together and share ideas, hear from industry experts and connect on a new level with virtual networking and social hang outs.

Who is it for?

The Insiders Bash is primarily for advisors looking to deepen their knowledge, expand their expertise, and collaborate with their fellow CEPAs and advisors across the nation, even across the globe. The Insiders Bash is intended not only for CEPAs, but any business advisor.

Given the convenience of virtual education, we have the opportunity to give advisors a safe environment to learn more about what it means to build and protect value.

What to Expect

You can think of the EPI Insiders Bash as an educational virtual block party that will offer 12 hours of non-stop educational networking opportunities.

You can join the entire day or just part of it, but for three straight days there will be a ton going on.

Fostering virtual connection like never before.

Each day will be full of professional training, social networking, workshops, content blow out, and so much more. This is an opportunity to gain exposure and interact with the best industry leaders and experts.

Social Hangouts and Perks

We will also have virtual social hangouts that include a cooking class and a mocktail mix to provide even more connection. Attendees will also receive a Bash Box that includes valuable materials, industry books, among other items.

Content Blowout

  • Live Podcast Broadcast – Your behind-the-scenes access to the industry’s authors, experts and speakers from the bash.
  • Virtual Networking – You asked, we answered. This is your chance to connect with advisors from coast-to-coast.
  • Keynote Speakers – Stay tuned for the two top-rated experts we will be bringing to your screen.
  • Deep Dive Workshops – Bringing one of the highest-rated Summit features online, a closer look at the most asked for content.

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