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Approximately 120 days ago, business as we know it was disrupted. Individuals, families, business professionals, breadwinners, community leaders, and business owners were all affected.

Becoming a source of good information for owners

EPI set out a goal to provide good, reliable information that is easy to find and accessible from a virtual location. We wanted to offer innovative solutions for educational programs, networking, and best practice development.

We wanted to make CEPA training and exit planning more accessible than ever. Why? We believe that Certified Exit Planning Advisors have the knowledge, passion, and ability to stand the business community back up.

This is why we launched EPI Masterclass, giving you a first-of-its-kind edu-series experience.

Four Months of EPI Masterclass

This month, we are entering our fourth month of delivering the EPI Masterclass and the positive response has been overwhelming.

Understanding what our attendees find valuable (and what they do not) is crucial to EPI. The power of feedback and guidance provides gives us the right focus. As one of our core values, feedback helps us continue to uphold our brand promise: best content in the industry, ongoing support and advisor development, and provide a platform for connectivity to business owners.

Read through the many testimonials below to see just what attendees have been saying about their Masterclass experience!


Masterclass Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and not only found it very informative, but very inspirational in passion that comes through in the valuable work, discipline and process.   I have been in the finance and wealth management business for many years and this has been very re-invigorating for me.”  

Carla Furuno 
“Great material and more applicable than CFP in my opinion.  Look forward to participating in future learnings.”

John Anderson

” Thanks for all your direction and insight during the CEPA classes this past week. I really enjoyed the program and found the information very useful. I thought it will be a benefit in not only deepening my relationship with current and future business owners but also with leading a large team within Merrill Lynch. The only regret I have is that I did not take the course ten years ago.”

Mark Thorndyke

“I’ve enjoyed learning this week, and it’s been the most practical information and education of all the designation courses I’ve attended.”

Jimmy Lee

” Enjoyed today’s modules and speakers TREMENDOUSLY! I have been so impressed with all the speakers and the knowledge transfer provided throughout. As a wealth manager I plan to fully leverage this knowledge in developing exit teams and guiding my SBO clients through the exit process!”

Jeremy Weston

“Great job last week in conducting the first virtual CEPA class. It was a tremendous learning experience for me.”

Modesto Ruggiero

“Scott it is very impressive the time you take to fully and thoroughly answer our questions. I can tell you all are serious about helping use the CEPA program to enhance our lives as well as the lives of our business owner clients. You have really built a best in class organization.”

Jim Russo

“Huge thank you to all the faculty and EPI staff… this far exceeded my expectations, and you did a great job adapting to the COVID situation!”

Kyle Thompson

“Scott, Thank you so much for your leadership. I hold four master’s level qualifications (including graduating from the University of Oxford), but found taking the CEPA course (amid covid) incredibly motivating, thought-provoking and helpful. This will no doubt super-charge my work with clients, and I’m stoked to already have two prospective clients willing to engage.”

Ranjeet Guptara 

“It was a great program with excellent content and a range of top flight instructors. I was amazed at the quality of the programming and its interface with the remote class, given that you had about zero time to pivot after the COVID outbreak and subsequent lockdown. There is nothing second tier about the “Virtual” Masterclass.”

Paul Lowerre


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