Exit Planning Doesn’t Have to be Scary

How much time do you spend planning your Halloween costume, watching scary movies, or carving jack-o-lanterns each year? Do you roll out of bed on Halloween and throw items in your closet together to create a “costume” or do you intricately design your costume for weeks to ensure it will be the victor at every Halloween party you attend? 

Now, how much time do you spend working on your exit plan each year? Do you follow the Five Stages of Value Maturity and spend time working on your business instead of just in your business? Or do you fail to plan for your future until it is too late?

The consequence of waiting until the last minute to create a Halloween costume is simply attending a party in pajamas while everyone else is dressed in something award-worthy. But, failing to plan for your business exit means potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table during a sale. 

Are you prepared for a successful business exit? Learn how to become the master of exit planning through the following resources.  

The Five Stages of Value Maturity

Owning a business comes with more than its fair share of risks. To increase value and minimize risks in your business, you should follow the Five Stages of Value Maturity. These stages are: Identify, Protect, Build, Harvest, and Manage.

Learn how to mitigate risk in your business by requesting our Five Stages of Value Maturity infographic. 

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A Look Inside the Unique World of Value Creation – Whitepaper

EPI interviewed 13 Value Advisors within the Exit Planning Community to learn about Value Creation. We were interested to know their opinions on value creation and how they feel the value is created. Through these interviews, we learned more about their individual processes, what owners can expect in a value creation engagement, and how other advisors can stay involved in the value creation process.

Our findings pave the path towards better engagement and relationships with business owners. Most business owners would agree that there is some pain point they would like solved or a desire they would like achieved within their company. 

Request the whitepaper to learn more about Value Advisors. 

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Human Capital Case Study


People are everything. Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider, says, “I don’t care how good your product or processes are, if you don’t have the right people – you’re screwed.” The Human Capital in your business is one of the most difficult to navigate and one of the most important. Human Capital is the measure of talent on your team. 

According to Walking to Destiny, “62% of owners indicated that finding and retaining top talent is the biggest challenge they face.” When working on your employee development plans, follow a series of steps that encourage growth in your employees and your business. 

Exit Planning Institute made a conscious decision to invest in our human capital to have immediate short-term results and long-term value growth. See how we improved our business value and grew the human capital in our organization.

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5-4-3-2-1: Five Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Exit Planning – Whitepaper

The process of growing a significant company takes time and can be complex. This white paper takes the Value Acceleration Methodology and breaks it into 5 easy concepts introduced as 5-4-3-2-1. Though easy to understand, as a business owner you may be sitting here still wondering “how do I implement this?” 

Request the whitepaper for a deep dive into the exit planning process and learn how to incorporate the Value Acceleration Methodology into your business. 

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Certified Exit Planning Advisor Credentialing Program

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential is for professional advisors who want to effectively engage more business owners. Through the process of Exit Planning (the Value Acceleration Methodology), owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals. Earning CEPA doesn’t change your expertise, it enhances your ability to engage business owners and have value-added conversations around growth and exit.

See how the CEPA program helps both business owners and professional advisors grow business value by requesting our CEPA Brochure. 

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With these resources in your corner, there is no need to be scared of exit planning anymore. Take the time to properly plan for your business exit and you will see your business value improve rapidly. Happy Halloween from all of us at Exit Planning Institute.