Three Exit Planning Resources to Bring to Your Next Client Meeting

As an exit planning advisor, you work with business owners during what is likely the largest financial decision of their life: the sale of their business. This month, we released three content pieces specifically geared toward owners as they begin their exit planning journey. 

As you build your professional relationship with your business owner clients, solidify your place as their most trusted advisor by providing them with the tools and resources to thrive in their exit.    

Walking You Through the Perfect Exit – Personal Purpose-driven, Next Act Planning Whitepaper

The most impactful exit plans incorporate an owner’s business, financial, and personal goals. Failing to plan for your personal life after exiting your business can lead to an unfulfilling next act. In our latest whitepaper, we dive deep into the importance of personal planning and uncovering your personal purpose. 

Having a strong, ready, valuable, and transferable business is only part of the equation. To truly have a significant and fulfilling exit, you need to understand your personal purpose and what you want in the next phase of your life. Once that is established, just like the business, you can wrap a process and framework around achieving this set of personal goals and objectives. 

How to Utilize this Whitepaper with Business Owners: 

  • Review your owner’s personal purpose and goals
  • Discuss their Wealth Gap and ways to lessen its impact
  • Work through the Personal Readiness Checklist
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Who has a Seat at the Table? Key Members on Your Exit Planning Team Infographic

Business owners work with a variety of advisors to ensure their business is not only successful but provides a significant financial impact for all stakeholders. An owner should work with a cross-functional team of advisors during their exit. Meet the members of an owner’s exit planning team and learn how they impact an owner during their transition.

How to Utilize this Infographic with Business Owners: 

  • Discuss the members of an owner’s ideal exit planning team
  • Highlight what team members are missing on an owner’s current advisory team
  • Review team roles and responsibilities before, during, and after a business exit
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The Value of Transitioning a Business to its Employees Case Study

Determining the best course of action for your business transition can be hard. How do you know if the next owner will follow similar core values, have similar passions, and will carry on the brand successfully? Marion and Jesse Dunbar, founders of Happy Earth Cleaning Service LLC, wanted to ensure the business would remain environmentally conscious after their exit. Learn more about Happy Earth Cleaning’s transition from LLC to Co-operative in the latest Exit Planning Institute Case Study. 

How to Utilize this Case Study with Business Owners: 

  • Review the exit option discussed in this case study 
  • Begin a conversation about all exit options available to the owner
  • Determine how company Core Values impact the owner’s business value
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