Exit Planning Institute Welcomes Private Risk Partners LLC as a Strategic Partner

The field of exit planning comprises a diverse range of advisors, specialists, software providers, and educators dedicated to facilitating optimal business exits for owners. Exit Planning Institute, recognized as a leading authority in this area, collaborates with numerous industry experts within this domain.

Today we share some insights from our Strategic Partner Private Risk Partners LLC, that will help our advisor community strengthen their relationship with their owner clients. 

What is a Strategic Partner?

Historically, Exit Planning Institute partnerships have been built around the Exit Planning Summit, offering a platform for partners to engage with hundreds of exit planning professionals once a year. While this event has blossomed into the largest in-person exit planning event in the United States, we have long felt there was an opportunity for more.   

Using the Summit as the cornerstone, the Strategic Partnership Program offers a year-long engagement opportunity that provides a platform for partners to interact directly with the EPI community and supplements those engagements with a consistent, integrated content-sharing and branding strategy. Positioned as a preferred partner of EPI, CEPAs and non-CEPAs should feel confident leaning into these partners as complementary, value-added offerings to their practices and business owner clients.

Josh Koza, our Manager of Strategic Relationships, shares, “For me, the beauty of this program is the chance to build meaningful, significant relationships while fostering that same opportunity for the EPI community – partners and advisors alike. Exit planning is not a one-size-fits-all for every advisor, nor is the exit planning ecosystem and one-solution-fits-all marketplace. My hope is that this program provides advisors with a clearer understanding of the tools, resources, and education they can lean on to build a more successful, and significant, practice.”  

Meet Private Risk Partners LLC

Private Risk Partners LLC began this work in the late 1990s in the hedge fund industry, helping fund managers keep higher levels of their profits. That work extended to a wide range of clients, from real estate operators and private equity founders to musicians with catalog sales, and athletes with endorsement contracts. 

Brad Barros of Private Risk Partners LLC shares, “I have a background in working with national law firms to develop curated solutions that help successful entrepreneurs pay less tax while reducing risk as they grow their businesses. When I was introduced to EPI and the Value Acceleration Methodology, I realized that we could apply our strategies by helping business owners retain much more of their gross profits, not just at the time of sale but throughout the Value Acceleration process.”

How Does Private Risk Partners LLC Benefit CEPAs®?

Private Risk Partners LLC adds significant value to CEPAs in three ways: 

They help generate new revenue streams for the CEPA early in the exit planning process. In addition, by generating new forms of cost savings for the business owner who can pay for the exit planning process helps the CEPA grow their business. Ultimately Private Risk Partners LLC assists in creating more wealth throughout and following the business sale, all of which can be managed by the CEPA. 

Benefits for Business Owners 

Private Risk Partners LLC drives value for business owners in a variety of ways. We drive value in three ways. 

First, at the beginning of the exit planning process, business owners can keep more of their gross pre-tax profits while they are building value. This leads to more economic freedom, regardless if there is a sale. 

Second, their strategies often generate significant cost savings, a portion of which is used to create higher levels of insurance and asset protection. 

Third, if the business monetizes, its team’s proprietary strategies help owners retain nearly all of the increased gross sales value that was created through the exit planning process so that they and their loved ones have more wealth throughout life and death.

Why Join Exit Planning Institute Strategic Partnership Program?

Brad shares, “Given the nature of our work, we don’t compete with other advisors. I recognized an opportunity where we could easily help other CEPAs enhance their value and get paid significantly more while creating far more wealth and protection for their clients. It’s the perfect complementary solution for the CEPA and their client. Everyone wins.”

Are you interested in becoming a Strategic Partner? Contact our Manager of Strategic Relationships, Josh Koza, for more information!