Expanding the Exit Planning Institute Team: 5 New Team Members Join EPI!

As the Certified Exit Planning Advisor community continues to grow and Exit Planning Institute offerings expand, the EPI team has grown significantly to surpass the needs of the exit planning community. 

With over 4,000 CEPAs in the marketplace, 25 chapters in our national EPI Chapter Network, ten courses in our EPI Academy, and a brand new and improved website, Exit Planning Institute continues to be the authority in exit planning. To continue to serve our advisor community, EPI has added five new members to our expanding team. 

Meet the newest additions to the Exit Planning Institute team below! 

Deidre Anderson 


Deidre Anderson is one of Exit Planning Institute’s Member Experience Representatives. She began her career at EPI in January 2023. Before starting at EPI she did contract work for many residential and commercial architectural companies as a professional interior designer. 

As a Member Experience Representative, Deidre helps navigate and advance the experience of our CEPA community. She thrives when problem-solving and adds creativity and positive space for our members to advance their exit planning practices. She shares, “I love the atmosphere here and the fact that each employee is treated like a person.  Knowing that my thoughts, ideas, and work are valued is important.”

Fun fact about Deidre: She continues to work as an interior designer and loves updating and transforming homes and work spaces for her clients! 

Sara Skyrm


Sara Skyrm is Exit Planning Institute’s Executive Assistant. She began her career with EPI as a virtual assistant in October 2022 and came aboard full-time in person in January 2023. She is responsible for calendar management, travel coordination, administrative assistance, and onboarding our new CEPAs. Before beginning her career with EPI, she gained 20 years of experience in retail and virtual assistant roles. 

Sara brings a wealth of experience to EPI from her past career as a virtual assistant. She is passionate about creating and implementing systems that make the EPI office run more efficiently and is instrumental in the execution of our CEPA Online Programs. Sara shares, “The aspect of my job I enjoy most is the company culture. The people I work with are amazing and welcoming and EPI has a great team environment.”

Fun fact about Sara: She enjoys taking walks through the Metroparks and spending time with family and friends. 

Deshon Terrell


Deshon Terrell is one of Exit Planning Institute’s Business Development Managers. He began his career with EPI in January 2023. Deshon works with top advisors from diverse disciplines that are interested in using exit planning and value growth for market differentiation, new billing opportunities, and thought leadership. Deshon has years of experience in the financial and banking industries and brings that expertise to his role at EPI. 

Just like developing an effective exit planning strategy for a transitioning owner, EPI recognizes that adding exit planning to your firm’s strategy is not “one size fits all.” This is why Deshon, alongside the EPI Business Development team, helps new and prospective CEPAs understand the marketplace opportunity and how it fits into your firm’s current service model. Deshon shares, “I like that at EPI, we have a growth culture that also equips people for long-term success so that systems and organizational structure don’t get broken down. Simply put, we are all leaders within our roles.”

Fun fact about Deshon: Deshon enjoys sports and spending time with friends and family. 

Matt Urankar


Matt Urankar is one of Exit Planning Institute’s Member Experience Representatives. He began his career with EPI in March 2023. He is a key member of the EPI team and serves as the primary point of contact for many of our CEPAs. Matt ensures our clients leverage ongoing support, resources, training, and events to enhance their exit planning practices. 

Matt is passionate about coordinating and managing projects. He has a wealth of experience in administrative and project management roles and is an asset to the EPI team and our expansive network of CEPAs. Matt shares, “Personally, I really enjoy the Customer Experience aspect of the job.  Most of my professional career has been making sure that guests, residents, or clients have a 5-star experience.” 

Fun Fact about Matt: Matt enjoys playing Pickleball, training for marathons, and spending time with his wife at sporting events! 

Conor Wodarczyk


Conor Wodarczyk dedicates his time to the digital EPI experience as Exit Planning Institute’s Marketing Coordinator. He began his career with EPI in January 2023. Conor is responsible for analyzing data to develop insights and make optimization improvements. He is a dedicated problem solver and manages our extensive digital footprint. 

Conor is an integral member of the Marketing Team and provides technical support to all ongoing EPI marketing initiatives. He continuously implements website updates, specifically related to structural capital. Conor shares, “What I enjoy most about EPI is the ability to learn and grow in the organization. In my 3 months at EPI, I have learned so much and my teammates in the marketing department allow me to be the best version of myself.”

Fun fact about Conor: Conor likes to hike, play volleyball, go on walks with his dog, and watch movies. 

Meet the rest of the expanding Exit Planning Institute team at www.WeAreEPI.com 

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