Fill Your Library During EPI’s Season of Deals

Professional advisors and business owners who read at least 7 business books per year earn 2.3 times more than people who only read one book per year. The more educated an owner is about exit planning, the more likely they are to begin incorporating exit strategy into their business plan. 

EPI Season of Deals

This year, EPI is offering our advisor community an entire Season of Deals to improve, build, and strengthen their practice. Our Walking to Destiny + Exit Planning Library Package is the perfect way to grow your professional library this year. 

Gifting books to your potential owner clients is a great way to educate these owners on exit planning and value growth. According to a survey of advisors on LinkedIn, 15% said sharing books was a great way to educate owners. Gift Walking to Destiny to your prospective clients and start the exit planning conversation early.

Walking to Destiny + Exit Planning Library Package

Enhance your exit planning knowledge and build your personal library of industry-leading books from top business professionals. You’ll receive 24 books for $260 in this package that will discuss everything from maximizing business value to sharing successful business stories. This package is valued at over $530! 

You Will Receive:

10 paperback copies and 9 hardcover copies of Walking to Destiny by EPI CEO, Christopher Snider. 

For Business Owners. By a Business Owner. Walking to Destiny is not only your essential resource to understand what makes your business attractive and ready for transition; it is a business owner’s handbook to know how to rapidly grow value and ultimately unlock the personal wealth trapped in your most significant financial asset: Your Business.

1 – Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall

Stories That Stick provides a clear framework of ideals and a concise set of actions for you to take complete control of your own story, utilizing the principles behind the world’s most effective business storytelling strategies.

Professional storyteller and nationally-known speaker Kindra Hall reveals the four unique stories you can use to differentiate, captivate, and elevate your business and personal stories. 

1 – Willing Wisdom by Tom Deans

Willing Wisdom is the first book to offer you a process — 7 Questions to ask, family, friends and charities to help guide giving decisions. For those who already have a Will, the book helps readers confirm whether their giving decisions continue to feel right.

The answers to these 7 Questions reveal whether gifts will release potential or destroy it. Only through conversation and the wisdom shared in both directions can anyone begin to know how it will be for their beneficiaries.

In a busy world where conversations about life, death, and wealth are often avoided, Willing Wisdom confidently guides readers in a brave new direction.

1 – The Reality of Change by Fred Johnson

In The Reality of Change, you will discover how to: Gain confidence in leading change through knowledge of what is to come. Embrace and engage change as a pivotal leadership quality Counter resistance and naysaying while avoiding blame and taking things personally Master change in the context of other key leadership traits Successfully guide your organization into new and promising waters This is a book that delves into the emotional and interpersonal challenges of change, both on the part of the leader and those he or she leads. It is incredible how deeply this book dives into core leadership issues. Your Key takeaway: if you’re not a master of change, it’s a master of you! It s much better to be at the wheel.

2 of the EPI Team’s favorite books from a selection of:

Ultimate Sale by Justin Goodbread

If you own a business and plan to retire one day, the sale of your business must be part of your retirement strategy. Are you like most business owners with all of your net worth tied up in your business? If you only have 20% chance of selling your business, that can be devastating. Even if you are lucky enough to be in the minority who do sell, will you get what you need from the sale to live the lifestyle you want to live?

Poised for Exit by Julie Keyes

Regardless of your age, gender, industry, or company size, you will eventually need to exit from your business. How well you exit is largely dependent upon how well and early you plan. This book is meant to help prepare you and your firm for an exit based on your own terms.

Your business exit will likely be the biggest financial transaction of your life, and for the majority, you have one shot at doing it right. The tools and checklists in this book are meant to help you lay some of the groundwork. It will also give you a guide for what comes after an exit.

Every Family’s Business by Tom Deans

Every Family’s Business challenges the idea that successful family businesses must keep family issues and business issues separate. Tom believes this separation is impossible and that most family businesses are set up from the beginning to fail because they attempt it.

Maximize Business Value by Tom Bronson 

Most business owners run their businesses without giving business valuation and exit planning much thought. Building business value and ultimately transitioning that business is a process that is very different from running a business. Roughly 83 percent of businesses that attempt a transition never complete a transaction. That means that only 17 percent of business owners exit successfully – and most of those have one thing in common. They are prepared. This book provides the road map business owners need to build massive value and start moving toward a successful transition.

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