Join the New EPI Cincinnati Chapter!

Exit Planning Institute and a collaborative team of advisors from Cincinnati are joining forces to launch the Exit Planning Institute Cincinnati Chapter. Join advisors from the surrounding region as we welcome another chapter to the vast EPI Chapter Network.  

This event will take place on September 28, 2022, at The Kenwood Towers, Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236. 

A Community of Advisors in Cincinnati

The EPI Chapter is cross-functional, meaning it attracts and engages advisors, experts, thought leaders, media, and business owners from diverse backgrounds. These leaders engage in exit planning and value acceleration education that ensures the continuity of the local marketplace and improves the success rates for transitioning businesses as owners look towards their future.

Tyler Holocher, President of the EPI Cincinnati Chapter shares, “Most business owners only get one chance to sell or transition their business. Our mission is to educate, support, and prepare owners and their trusted advisors to create the best possible outcome. This chapter is charged with starting that process years in advance of a sale, to ensure the owner maximizes the sale of their business, their families are financially prepared, and they have a plan for what’s next.”

Exit Planning: It’s Not What You Think

Exit Planning Institute CEO, Christopher Snider, will provide the keynote address during the launch of the Cincinnati chapter on September 28. Chris is the award-winning author of Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth. A business strategy book about the Value Acceleration Methodology™ written for business owners and the advisors who serve them. Snider is a professional keynote speaker and content provider to the middle market business community.

Chris will lead the session in a discussion about the various roles an advisor plays in the exit planning ecosystem and introduce the Cincinnati Chapter to the Value Acceleration Methodology. Exit planning is the fastest growing marketplace within the financial and professional services industry. The exit of millions of baby boomer business owners is over $10 trillion dollars in transferable wealth. This is your “$10 Trillion Dollar Opportunity!”

That said, the business community is changing, and like it or not, the need for a new kind of advisor has become undeniable. You can no longer view your relationships with your clients and prospects as transactional. You must become more than your deliverable. 

In 2022 and beyond, you must do more than assess value. You must provide value. In this session, you will learn how to help change the outcome for business owners. You will identify, protect, build, harvest, and manage business wealth.

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The EPI Chapter Network

The EPI Chapter Network creates a forum where the local community of professional advisors can collaborate and address the unique needs of their community. Chapters develop educational programs for business owners and professional advisors. These build awareness and better prepare an owner for the successful exit of their business. The purpose of the EPI Chapter Network is to create, encourage, and foster the adoption of best practices in the exit planning profession. Chapters promote the common interests of business advisors engaged in exit planning.

The EPI Cincinnati Chapter will host monthly meetings and encourages your ongoing participation. Learn more at If you are interested in more information or if you are an owner interested in attending, please reach out to the Exit Planning Institute Community Coordinator, Jenna Meredith at

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