How to Determine Your Enterprise Value

Do you understand what makes your business valuable and how to unlock that value when you sell? Discover the terminology, core concepts, process, and calculations involved in determining what makes a business valuable in order to successfully harvest an owner’s full business value during their exit.

Determining Enterprise Value 

What’s your business worth in the open market? In Determining Enterprise Value, the latest EPI Academy course, Exit Planning Institute CEO, Christopher Snider, will take advisors and owners through the business valuation process. Christopher provides a detailed overview of the valuation process so even those who are not Certified Exit Planning Advisors can understand what makes a business valuable.

On-Demand Learning 

During the three modules, attendees will learn the inputs and outputs of a business valuation, the benefits of utilizing a valuation as a strategic business tool, and how to apply the concepts in real-world scenarios. This program can be completed in as few as three hours, but as an on-demand course, you have the freedom and flexibility to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

Module One: The Terminology

In this first module, Chris introduces what a valuation is along with three approaches to determine a business’s value. By focusing on the intangible capital in a business, an advisor can capitalize on the benefits of strategic planning. After completing this module, attendees will have a baseline understanding of business value and how to effectively begin a valuation.

Module Two: The Core Concepts

There is a difference between value and income. In the second module of Determining Enterprise Value, Chris Snider will share how to prioritize value growth over income increases. This module includes how to utilize a formula incorporating a business’s recasted EBITDA and Range of values to determine its value. 

In this module, attendees will also work through the four intangible capitals and three gaps in every business; two core concepts in enterprise value. 

Module Three: The Process

The final module brings together the steps an owner and advisor must take to complete an enterprise valuation. By working through an in-depth case study, attendees will gain real-life experience in determining profit and value gaps, understanding key metrics, and assessing value drivers. 

What is EPI Academy?

Exit Planning Institute now offers a variety of advanced courses through our EPI Academy platform.

EPI Academy is Exit Planning Institute’s new interactive online learning platform. This platform allows advisors to easily find the content and education they are looking for to enhance their practice and get the most return on their CEPA credentials. These include recommended learning and professional development plans. Scott Snider says EPI Academy “continues professional development in a convenient way. It provides advisors with a platform to build and advance their own practice by completing courses at their own pace online.”