7 Leadership Fundamentals: Surviving COVID-19

As a nation, we are over half way into the year and our world has been changed drastically due to the effects of COVID-19.

When the state of emergency first began, many of us were hopeful that it did not last too long, but currently the conditions continue to fluctuate resulting in much uncertainty to everyone.

Maintaining Leadership During Pandemic

Amid a global pandemic, businesses and teams are looking for ways to re-calibrate and catapult forward. One of these ways has been leaning into leadership. During changing and uncertain times, a team’s leadership may be the way they stay afloat and weather the storm of adversity.

Our own team here at EPI has been going through an impactful leadership training with Dr. Fred Johnson, CEO & Founder of InitiativeOne Leadership Institute. We recognized the importance of honing leadership skills on our team and this could not have been a more perfect time given our current climate.

4 C’s of Change Leadership

According to a Forbes article, leaders who are able to push through hard times exhibit the “4 C’s of Change Leadership” (Forbes, 2020). These 4 c’s include:

  1. Calm
  2. Confident
  3. Consistent
  4. Credible

Leaders who are able to demonstrate these four c’s, have proven to be able to persevere and thrive in uncertain and volatile environments.

7 Leadership Fundamentals for Surviving Hard Times

In addition to the four c’s of change leaders, the Forbes article also details seven leadership fundamentals needed for surviving difficult times:

  1. Consider adjustments in near-term tactics and long-term strategy.
  2. Build trust by demanding accountability.
  3. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  4. Prepare for tomorrow today.
  5. Fall back to contingencies.
  6. Apply organizational resilience principles.
  7. Debrief and apply lessons learned. 

For more information, read the full Forbes article here.EPI Masterclass Announcement CEPA Online

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