Meet the 19 Authors Heading to the 2023 Exit Planning Summit

The Exit Planning Institute values thought leadership and professional development for all our professional advisors and business owners. The exit planning ecosystem is comprised of financial advisors, marketers, leadership experts, and exited business owners. The one thing they all have in common, they are passionate about helping business owners grow more significant companies. 

Many of these thought leaders have become authors. Passionately conveying their expert insights through their writings. The Exit Planning Summit provides every member of the exit planning community the chance to build upon their knowledge and connect with thought leaders in complementary areas. 

Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider, shares, “I am excited to announce that the Exit Planning Institute has brought together 19 of the best authors in the EPI Community to showcase their work at The Exit Planning Summit. These authors will be led by Chris Snider, CEO of the Exit Planning Institute, Creator of the Value Acceleration Methodology, and author of Walking To Destiny. I am thrilled to share that the second edition of Walking To Destiny will be released on May 22 during the Author Showcase!”

April 21 is International Book Day. Learn more about authors and books featured during this year’s Author Showcase below. 

Chris Snider, Walking to Destiny

Walking to Destiny

For Business Owners. By a Business Owner. Walking to Destiny is not only your essential resource to understand what makes your business attractive and ready for transition; it is a business owner’s handbook to know how to rapidly grow value and ultimately unlock the personal wealth trapped in your most significant financial asset: Your Business.

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Ali Nasser, The Business Owner’s Dilemma

The Business Owners Dilemma by Ali Nasser-1 

Too many business owners aren’t enjoying the success they’ve earned. The pressure of continuing growth while also planning their existing success leaves most owners overwhelmed.

Author Ali Nasser identified three critical dilemmas challenging their minds.

Ali has successfully turned those challenges into opportunities via the Wealth Integration System for Entrepreneurs™ (WISE™). This powerful and proprietary framework reveals how business owners can integrate business, wealth, and life decisions to create the outcomes they truly desire.

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Michael Schein, The Hype Handbook

9.23 SCHEIN_The_Hype_Handbook

Influencers have always deployed the power of hype to get what they want. But never in history have people been so susceptible to propaganda and persuasion as they are now. Hype truly runs our world.

Imagine if you could generate and leverage hype for positive purposes―like legitimate business success, helping people, or effecting positive change in your community. Michael F. Schein teaches you how.  

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Justin Goodbread, Your Baby’s Ugly

JGoodbread Your Babys Ugly Cover Final

With this book, you can improve your business in eight key areas to increase your company revenue and profits today, not just for when you sell your company. The real payoff comes from building value into your company, beyond annual profits. Follow this book, and you’ll have more sales, more profit, and even more exit options. 

This book will help raise you to new career highs in entrepreneurship, making the difference between selling your business for massive amounts of money or failing to get even a single offer. The sooner you read this book, the better.

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Mike Garrison, Can I Borrow Your Car?

Can I Borrow Your Car by Mike Garrison

Can I Borrow Your Car is going to show you how to use a predictable system of giving referrals to turbocharge the amount and quality of referrals you and your team receive. The best news: Referrals allow you immense control over the top of your sales funnel as a financial advisor because there isn’t any other way, apart from a referral, to consistently land meetings with ideal client prospects that aren’t looking for a new advisor.

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Gordon Bell, Discover Your Next Best Step

Discover Your Next Best Step by Gordon Bell

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes our intended path is clear. Other times, we find ourselves at a crossroads, struggling to choose between two or more opportunities. Which way should I go? 

This book provides the tools you need to navigate life’s unexpected ups and downs. Showcasing real-life examples from the author’s own triumphs and trials, this book will help you create your own unique roadmap. You don’t need to know your final destination. You simply need to figure out your Next Best Step. That’s it! Embrace the journey!

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Denise Logan, The Seller’s Journey

The Sellers Journey book image-1

This business fable is set in the magnificence of Glacier National Park as a successful business owner celebrates with his deal team, one year after the successful sale of his business. The Seller's Journey presents a philosophy that will help you or your clients sell their company with integrity, humanity, and understanding - of your own needs, behavior, and emotions and those of the others involved in the process. 

Transition expert Denise Logan offers the only credible solution to tackling one of the most significant causes of deal failure - seller's remorse. This counter-intuitive approach will measurably turn the dial on the ratio of deals that reach a successful conclusion and will dramatically improve any owner's journey to and through the successful sale of their business.

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Wally Waldron, Exitology

Exitology by Wally Waldron

Forget the endless treadmill of hustle and grind, hoping one day you'll retire. There is no need to throw the best years of your life away, enslaved to your business. What if you could triple the value of your business and discover your path to freedom by making a few small changes over the next six months?

With Exitology you can position your company for a lucrative sale, hand down your company as a legacy to your family, create a passive income stream with the business you already own, and regain your time and freedom.

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Kep Kepner, Your Brain Is Your Best Business Weapon

your brain is your best business weapon

Kep Kepner’s laboratory for 30 years has included thousands of small businesses. Most of them start with a dream. Perhaps just to be on their own. Maybe to build a global empire. Kep knows this; a spirited entrepreneur committed to their idea can change the world. But along the way, many get lost. As a result of the demands on them, they become trapped by the same business that was their dream; they begin to think day-to-day, not long-term.

It is as if they have forgotten how to think strategically, faced with the reality of the financial and time commitment to make it happen. This commitment is needed for both the global business and the local business. Both require long-term strategic thinking.

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Kerry Boulton, Million Dollar Pay Day and The Uncensored Truth About Exit Strategies

Kerry Boulton - The Uncensored Truth About Exit Strategies for Web (002)Million Dollar Pay Day by Kerry Boulton 3D Cover

Have you ever wondered how people like Janine Allis (Boost Juice) and Sir Richard Branson (Virgin) have been able to sell their businesses for millions? Wonder no more. This book shows you how to discover and realize optimum value so you can create and enjoy an extraordinary life after business full of choices. International author, entrepreneur, business coach, and consultant Kerry Boulton shows you exactly how to create your very own Million Dollar Pay Day® from your business!

Many business owners simply don’t know what they need to know to prepare for succession, the transition of ownership, and exit. Exit strategies are not just about making money. Business owners often have other goals such as establishing a legacy, ensuring the business remains in their family, or continuing to have a say in what happens in the business.

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Sandra Finch, 50 Ways to Leave Your Business

50 Ways to Leave Your Business by Sandra Finch

Don’t know how to turn your business into ample retirement money? Business owners spend their lifetimes pouring earnings back into the business, causing their business to be the biggest asset they own. If they can learn to transform business value into ready money, they'll finally realize the benefits of years of hard work and sacrifice. Only 30% of business owners successfully accomplish this goal.

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Julie Broad, Self-Publish & Succeed


You can write a book—anyone can. But if you want to write a book that people will want or even need to read, it’s not as simple as sitting down to write. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful authors make.

Writing a book can be one of the smartest moves for your business success. But you need more than a message and writing skills to create an impressive book that readers will love. You also need a plan to market, sell, and leverage your book into a new level of leadership within your industry to reach your professional goals.

In Self-Publish & Succeed, trusted best-selling author and entrepreneur Julie Broad shows you that writing a successful nonfiction book starts long before you work on your first chapter. To write a book that boosts your brand, generates a profit, and makes you an influencer in your industry, you need the #noboringbooks way.

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Abby Donnelly, Straight Talk About Planning Your Succession

Straight Talk FINAL

Every owner will exit his or her business one day. In this fast-paced, easy read, we explore the critical strategies and tools that pave the way for a successful exit - on your terms, and we help you avoid the pitfalls that can derail your best intentions. Straight Talk will help you set the foundation for your succession, whether you plan to exit in one year, five years, or 15 years.

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Mark Imperial, Exit Smart and Books Grow Business

Exit Smart by Mark ImperialBooks Grow Business by Mark Imperial

If you are a business professional, owner, or CEO, Books Grow Business will give you the system for creating a client-alluring, media-attracting, and instant authority-defining book, even if you don't have the time to write a single word! Get your book published in days, not months, when you discover the secrets within these pages.

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Seth Webber, A Field Guide to Business Valuation For Owners and Leaders of Private Companies 

A Field Guide to Business Valuation by Seth Webber

The authors of this new book have translated their experience in the field into a usable and cohesive guide for business owners. Karlsen and Webber have extensive expertise in helping business owners, an audience typically without a background in business valuation, estimate, preserve, and increase business value. 

They employ simple analogies, all rooted in actual and numerous questions they have answered over the years, to help people understand complicated topics and are passionate about providing more people with a greater understanding of how businesses are valued. 

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Jonathan Peyton, The Master Plan

The Master Plan by Jon Peyton

The Master Plan: Your Financial Blueprint To Building A Better Future seeks to cut through the noise by giving you the tools you need to develop a durable financial plan on your own. That blueprint uses an innovative, holistic approach to personal finance that encompasses all the major areas of your financial health, including insurance planning, tax issues, investment strategy, estate planning, and more. 

Flexible enough to serve both "doers" and "delegators," and packed with wisdom that will benefit readers for years to come, The Master Plan is an essential guidebook for preparing for the unknown and protecting the things and people you love. 

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John Dini, The Exit Planning Coach Handbook

The Exit Planning Coach Handbook Cover

What does it take for a business owner to be happy after leaving the business?

Multiple surveys show that a majority of owners have regrets a year after leaving their businesses. After the initial “vacation period” of travel and recreation, too often they find themselves adrift without their companies. They lack the activity, purpose, and identity that their businesses provided.

The Exit Planning Coach Handbook is a guide for advisors to business owners. We believe that entrepreneurs need to move forward toward exciting goals. That is what made them successful in the first place, and what will help them find satisfaction in their lives after the business. That comes from building a vision for the next stage of life that is not only well-defined but is more exciting than what they are doing now.

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Laura Queen, People Economics


This book shatters the barriers between traditional Finance and Human Resources by demonstrating that People Economics is a win-win for both companies and their employees. There have been many attempts to bring clarity to the term ‘human capital’, People Economics breaks through with a common language and a relevant framework. The stories, real-life examples, and calculable metrics provide tangible ways to bring human capital measurement to life.

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Scott Bushkie, Finish Strong

Finish Strong by Bushkie

You spent years building your business and fulfilling your vision. Now, Scott Bushkie provides sound advice and concrete steps so you can Finish Strong and exit your business on your own terms.

This book includes more than two decades of insight, success stories, and completely avoidable mistakes he's seen business owners make as they transition their businesses. Bushkie covers more than how to maximize value (although that's here too). He helps prepare you for the entire journey ahead.

Covering everything from the importance of timing, buyer types, valuation, legacy, and lifestyle, Bushkie's goal is to give you options and peace of mind. Be confident you took all the right steps as you make what is most likely the largest financial transaction of your life. No what-ifs. No sleepless nights. Just satisfaction and confidence as you move forward into the next best chapter of your life.

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During the three-day Summit in Scottsdale, attendees will have numerous opportunities to build their professional relationships with other advisors, business owners, and over 30 trusted industry partners.

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