Meet The Authors Attending the Author Showcase at the 2024 Exit Planning Summit

The Exit Planning Institute values thought leadership and professional development for all our professional advisors and business owners. The exit planning ecosystem comprises financial advisors, marketers, leadership experts, and exited business owners. The one thing they all have in common is that they are passionate about helping business owners grow more significant companies. 

Many of these thought leaders have become authors. They passionately convey their expert insights through their writings. The Exit Planning Summit provides every member of the exit planning community the chance to build upon their knowledge and connect with thought leaders in complementary areas. 

As we gear up for another impactful Exit Planning Summit, we wanted to share the incredible authors joining us in Marco Island on Monday, April 29, at our Author Showcase.

Learn more about these authors and their books below! 

Chris Snider, Walking to Destiny

Walking to Destiny 2.0 Image

For Business Owners. By a Business Owner. Walking to Destiny is not only your essential resource to understand what makes your business attractive and ready for transition; it is a business owner’s handbook to know how to rapidly grow value and ultimately unlock the personal wealth trapped in your most significant financial asset: Your Business.

The book is also designed to bridge the gap between advisors and owners to get them on the same page. From an advisor perspective, the Value Acceleration Methodology has become the leading process for exit planning and is prominently utilized by exit planning advisors worldwide. We want to change the outcome for business owners who have invested their lives in their businesses.

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Jessica Fialkovich, Getting the Most for Selling Your Business 

Getting the Most for Selling Your Business by Jessica Fialkovich-1There are many reasons entrepreneurs may want to sell their companies. You could be looking for the next opportunity or need to sell for personal reasons. Perhaps you’ve worked long and hard and are ready to retire. Whatever your reason for selling, do you know how to go about it? 

If you own a $10+ million business, it’s often easy to go to an investment banker or a private equity firm. But for those owners who’ve spent their lives building a small business, this is like selling your child. Enter Jessica Fialkovich, who has been teaching entrepreneurs how to prep and sell their "baby" for over a decade. After founding, growing, and selling her multimillion-dollar baby, she decided to help other entrepreneurs on the same path. Today, in addition to her advisory business, she leads one of the most successful step-by-step courses on how to prep and sell companies.

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Rich Goldstein, Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

Consumer Guide to Obtaining A Patent by Rich GoldsteinIf you are an inventor or entrepreneur who wants to understand how to use the patent system to help fulfill your business goals, this book is for you.

This book won’t teach you how to write a patent application. What it will teach you are the most important principles to understand about patent applications, and about the patent system, if you want to protect your patentable ideas effectively and efficiently―and avoid wasting time and money.

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John D. Hanson, 5th Dimensional Customer Experience

5TH DIMENSIONAL CX by John HansonIn 2023, John D. Hanson discovered a powerful paradigm shift: the 5th Dimension of Customer Experience. Most businesses only scratch the surface of customer engagement, missing out on tremendous revenue, strong retention, and long-term, sustainable growth.

Implement the proven ideas in this book, and your company will be unstoppable. You will achieve your goals, and enter the next chapter of your business journey, enriching every relationship along the way.

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Mary Pat Knight, The Humanized Leader 

The Humanized Leader by Mary Pat Knight-1The world needs your leadership. More importantly, the world needs your humanized leadership. You must create trust, clearly communicate, coach powerfully, and customize every step of the way to the various types of people you are privileged to lead. This leader is ever aware that other humans execute the processes that drive the profits – people are always at the center. This book lays out in 12 engaging chapters, a proven path to developing yourself and your teams. 


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Deborah Meyer, Redefining Family Wealth

Redefining Family Wealth by Deborah Meyer-1-1Did you take a Personal Finance 101 class? Have you ever noticed that financial planning has loads of industry jargon?

CPA financial planner Deb Meyer makes finance simple in this step-by-step guide specifically for parents. She recognizes that it takes time, intentionality, and a disciplined approach to budgeting to grow wealth. Covering topics such as wealth mindset, savvy budgeting, values-based investing, and financial independence, Redefining Family Wealth is a complete family wealth guide.

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Christian Muntean, Conflict and Leadership, The Successful New CEO, and Train to Lead

Conflict and Leadership by Christian MunteanConflict is one of the greatest sources of tolerated business expenses and loss. This is despite the fact that this expense and loss can, in most cases, be easily turned around to revenue and gain. In the nonprofit world, one of the greatest inhibitors of mission success is not that there isn't enough funding or the challenging nature of the cause. It is the simple fact that teams struggle to work well together. 

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The Successful New CEO by Christian MunteanThe Successful New CEO will help you quickly gain the confidence of others, successfully address the inevitable issues you will discover, score early wins, and set the course for a fruitful future.

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Dan Negroni, Chasing Relevance 

Chasing RelevanceChasing Relevance is about being better leaders by guiding those millennials and letting them guide us, having everyone be their best self by caring enough to connect. The choice is clear: we need to care more about millennials by pushing ourselves to be better leaders, coaches, and mentors. Because we love them, we need them and we want them to succeed. It's time to stop chasing relevance and make it happen.

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Gerry O’Brion, They Buy Your Because

They Buy Your Because by Gerry OBrion-1In this book, Gerry O'Brion combines his years as a corporate executive with over a decade of real-world experience implementing the Framework in companies around the globe. His keynote address reaches thousands of CEOs, business owners, executives, sales professionals, franchisees, and marketers every year. Companies that use the framework focus their messages, drive innovation, increase trust, generate more referrals, and close more sales.


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Chris Ronzio, The Business Playbook

The Business Playbook by Chris RonzioIn The Business Playbook, serial entrepreneur Chris Ronzio walks you through his proven framework for building a playbook: the profile of your business, the people who work in it, the policies that guide it, and the processes that operate it. He shows you how to codify your culture and create a living document that allows you to let go of day-to-day responsibilities and empower your team to run the business without you.

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Kerry Siggins, The Ownership Mindset 

Ownership Mindset Book Graphic Kerry Siggins (002)The Key to Leadership Is Taking Ownership. Owners act and think differently than employees. To an owner, a business is more than a source of income. It’s part of their identity. They view its success as their own. It’s the conscious development of this mindset in oneself and others—learning to “think like an owner”—that makes the difference between paycheck players and top performers.

Packed with practical advice, compelling research, and unforgettable stories for everyone from a first-time manager to a seasoned CEO, The Ownership Mindset is a must-read blueprint for empowering yourself and others to reach your full potential.

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