Team Roles: Which One Do You Play?

Since wrapping up our April EPI Masterclass, our team has been combing through feedback, responses, and questions so we can make the experience even better next time.

One attendee of the EPI Masterclass asked the following question, “Can a CEPA business consultant be the quarterback?”

Who is the Quarterback?

In response to the attendee’s question, our Vice President Scott Snider said any of the advisors could quarterback the team, it just depends on what role they want to play.

This speaks volumes, because recently some our employees here at EPI underwent their first leadership training as a team. As we sat on a zoom call for three hours, we had an unexpected shift in the way we see ourselves and our teammates.

A New Outlook

Some of us went into the call thinking this would be just another lengthy training with regurgitated information about leadership. Much to our surprise however, we were forced to be honest with each other about whether or not we felt valuable to the team.

So to answer the question of who’s the quarterback, our Vice President got it exactly right. The quarterback is whoever wants to play the role and puts in the work to do it.

Which Role Do You Play?

This isn’t to say the quarterback is the most important role, though. Rather, each person plays a role of equal importance on a team and it is up to the individual to decide what role that is.

Are you the ambitious one? Are you the observant listener? Are you the critical thinker? Are you the silent, but deadly one?

Asking yourself these questions helps you and others discover which unique strengths make the team a good one.

Quarantine and Introspection

None of us expected to be working remotely trying to regain our footing, but here we are. And though we cannot meet together yet, you can always been working on and thinking about what will make you better as a person, and in turn a better employee.

When it comes time for you to return the office, go back with some understanding of who you are, what you offer, and how it can help your team grow.

Though pandemic has brought up many obstacles, hopefully it has also provided a lot of opportunity to rethink the role you want to play in the game.

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