The EPI Team Grows

As you know, the exit planning is growing rapidly as the needs of the middle market continue to climb. Exit Planning Institute is proud to support the needs of Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) and the profession as a whole. We are pleased to introduce you to Scott Lang! He is the newest member of the EPI team and works on the business development team.

Meet Scott Lang.

  • Previously worked at Partnership as the Senior Account Manager.
  • Right after college, he took a sales and marketing role at his family business and has been involved in business development ever since.
  • His favorite part of business development is the relationships that he is able to build with people from all different networks.
  • Since he has been in sales for 20 years, he is able to leverage past experiences to understand the needs of clients.
  • What stands out to Scott about the advisors in the EPI network is their passion for what they do. All of the advisors he works with go above and beyond for their clients which inspires Scott to do the same.
  • Fun fact: standing at 6’4″ he is the second tallest person in the EPI office

As the Network builder, Scott Lang is able to identify the holes in your network and fill them. He works with top advisors from diverse disciplines that are interested in using exit planning and value growth for market differentiation, new billing opportunities, and thought leadership.

Mr. Lang  works as the Senior Business Development Manager to strengthen a company’s market position and maximize business performance. Just like developing an effective exit planning strategy for a transitioning owner, EPI recognizes that adding exit planning to your firm’s strategy is not “one size fits all.” Which is why Lang, alongside the EPI Business Development team, helps new and prospective CEPAs understand the marketplace opportunity and how it fits into your firm’s current service model.

If you are looking to join to CEPA community or are interested in discussing the resources you need to meet your goals, contact Scott at (216) 712-4244 ext. 205 or by emailing him at

Helping you find the resources to meet your goals.

Under the strategic influence of Scott Snider and the leadership of Jesse Hudson, the EPI Business Development team works with advisors to find the best fit for them and their firm. The Business Development team is committed to providing the resources to fulfill your goals in this increasingly diverse market pplace.

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About Exit Planning Institute:

The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) is an education company that provides exit planning education to advisors and middle market business owners.  We view exit planning as a strategy, not an event.

EPI leads the professional services profession with the best industry content, ongoing support, and owner education platform, all of which align with our mission: Change the outcome.

Only 2 out of every 10 businesses that come to market actually sell.  We want to increase the number of saleable businesses.

Only 30% of family businesses successfully transition to the second generation, only 12% transfer to the third, and the success rates diminish from there.  We want to improve those intergenerational transitions.

Of those that succeed in the sale of their business, 75% experience “profound regret” within one year of exiting their business.  We want to understand why and create strategies that achieve profound success, wealth, and satisfaction.

EPI is an education company, powered by an elite community of top advisors and owners, all focused toward creating a valuable, transferable future for the business marketplace.