Second Generation Visionaries: How Chopping and Dicing Paved the Way

Brittani Bo Baker, daughter of former NFL Cleveland Browns, Al Bubba Baker, is an entrepreneur we can all learn from. Since eight years old, she’s been working hard and contributing to the success of her family’s restaurant — Bubba’s-Q.

“Chop and Dice”

Born into a family that is very passionate about food, Brittani learned how to cook, creatively season, mix, and prepare the perfect southern-style barbecue cuisine.

“My friends knew if they wanted me to come out with them, they had to help me ‘chop and dice’. Thanks to Kerry, Erin, Ashley, Meg, and Trista for always helping me ‘chop and dice'”. 

Brittani Bo Baker, 2nd Generation Visionary and Owner of Bubba’s-Q Food Trucks

The Baker family opened a new Bubba’s-Q restaurant in 2006 in Avon, OH, that has since closed, but they continue to sell their products. Brittani and her father are partners for their patented product called “Bubba’s Boneless Ribs.” These are a slab of slow smoked ribs with absolutely no bones.

The Sharks Loved the Ribs

In 2013, Baker and her father pitched their product to the “sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank, and landed a deal with branding expert, Daymond John. The Bakers have added BBQ sauce, pulled beef and pork, cutlery and so much more to their line of products.

Additionally, they have a seasoning line called “Grammaw Knows,” full of recipes all created from Brittani’s grandmother, who was born in Selma, AL and known for her deliciously flavored food.

The Next Generation Visionaries Podcast

Brittani Bo Baker is now the second-generation Visionary and Owner of Bubba’s-Q Food Trucks in Tampa, FL.

Though her family’s restaurant closed, because her parents retired from the restaurant business, she wanted to continue the family legacy. So, Brittani opened a food truck centered around their patented boneless ribs.

She also hosts a radio show and podcast where she discusses her journey as a second-generation visionary, and speaks with others like her.

Interviewing Scott Snider, EPI Vice President

In a recent podcast episode, Brittani spoke with our very own Vice President Scott Snider about family businesses and next generation entrepreneurs.

“It’s about rolling up your sleeves, shaking hands, sharing content, and being a connector of people.”

Scott Snider, EPI Vice President

Click the image below to check out this rich conversation with Brittani Bo Baker featuring EPI Vice President, Scott Snider.

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