The Women in Exit Planning Symposium: Attend the First of its kind Event!

Exit Planning Institute is pleased to announce a one-day Women in Exit Planning Symposium. This symposium will take place after the 2023 Exit Planning Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 24, 2023. 

We aim to bring together women in the exit planning community from all different advisor specialties. Join our panel of experts as they share best practices, discuss the unique challenges facing women in the exit planning profession, and how to build value in your business.

During this one-day event, participants will attend interactive, action-oriented workshops with national experts and leading practitioners on topics such as building your advisory team, communicating your value and closing dream clients, and more!

Symposium attendees will leave with new connections from across the advisory community,  gain skills and resources, and learn fresh insight and perspective. Join us for an inspiring and motivating day of content and connection!

Who Should Attend?

The Women in Exit Planning Symposium will bring together women advisors and business owners as well as men who work on women business owner’s advisory teams. This event will foster collaboration between all different advisor specialties together in the exit planning community. It will feature a panel of female exit planners who will share best practices, discuss challenges women face in the exit planning profession, and how to build value in your business. Additionally, the symposium offers a chance for exit planning professionals to network with other women across the advisory community.

“We are excited to launch the first-ever Women in Exit Planning Symposium following our 2023 Exit Planning Summit,” said Exit Planning Institute President, Scott Snider. “Women business owners and women exit planners face unique challenges. This event will provide an opportunity for women exit planning professionals to connect and grow from each other’s experiences.”

Symposium Sessions

Keynote Session with Jessica Fialkovich

Jessica Fialkovich will kick off the Women in Exit Planning Symposium with her keynote session, How to Ensure Business Value in a Changing Economy. During her session, Jessica will discuss the changes in the macroeconomic environment and how they impact the business values of small to mid-sized businesses. 

Jessica shares, “With inflation rates, interest rates, and fears of a recession, how does this affect business valuation? We will discuss how we can help our women business owner clients protect their businesses from these fluctuations.”

Women in Wealth Case Studies with Kathleen Pritchard

Financial professionals today are faced with many important topics to address with their clients. Some are more challenging than others, such as addressing the planning needs of women and communicating with them in a meaningful way.

Kathleen Pritchard’s session, Women, Wealth and Wisdom: Engaging Your Women Clients and Prospects, is designed to elevate the conversations you are having with women clients and prospects. 

This is not the typical Women and Investing seminar you may have seen in the past. And, it is not investment education! Instead, it focuses on financial planning issues that women face at various stages of life. Kathleen accomplishes that by offering different case studies which will each have at least one correlated checklist/worksheet.

She will begin the presentation by discussing the progress women have made in politics, business, education, earning power, and wealth. The session will close with the case studies that will be most applicable to you as CEPAs. 

The case studies and worksheets are as follows: 

  • Estate planning with Estate planning essentials checklist
  • Business Owner with Financial planning for business owners checklist
  • Caring for Aging Parents with Longevity planning checklist

This session aligns with CEPAs and will give you tools you can employ in your practice immediately!

Expert Panel 

A panel of experts and influencers will address building your advisory team, women’s impact in the evolution of exit planning, and insights into women business owners. Join Bianca Benedetti-Fang, Shanda McFadden, Martha Sullivan, and Jaclyn Ring, as they share their expertise about building business value. 

Defining Success Workshop with Kiley Peters

All too often we focus on “achieving success” based on a societal definition – especially when it comes to what it means to be a “successful woman” let alone a woman entrepreneur, let alone in male-dominated industries. 

During Kiley Peters’ Build the Life You Want: Flipping the Script on Defining Success in Entrepreneurship workshop, she will explore what holds us back from achieving financial freedom and fulfillment in our lives. It’s time to throw everything you’ve heard out the window and show up ready to change the way you approach your life and your business, with the D+A of Success.

Kiley shares, “When I applied this process to my life and my businesses, we increased revenue by 40%, increased profit by 360%, paid my team 55% more, and tripled my personal income within the first year. Over the following two years, I will have decreased the time spent in my business by 57% and more than quadrupled my personal income, while spending the majority of my time doing things that light me up and give me the energy to do my best work.”

In this workshop, Kiley will take a deep dive into defining your intentions, identifying where you place your energy, and clarifying how you spend your time, both in your life and in your business. 

To change our outcomes, we need to change our actions. To change our actions, we need to change our thoughts. And you deserve to find financial freedom and personal fulfillment in your life and work. So let’s dive in and uncover what’s holding you back.

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