Bradley Barros Educates Advisors on Tax Planning Solutions at the 2023 Exit Planning Summit

The 2023 Exit Planning Summit heads back to Scottsdale, Arizona this month. This year we are thrilled to have over 40 speakers, over 30 industry partners, 16 breakout sessions, five Power Sessions, and three supplemental workshops in our Summit lineup. 

Today we introduce one of our Breakout Speakers, Bradley Barros. 

Meet Bradley Barros: 

2023 Summit Headshot - Bradley Barros

Bradley Barros has years of experience helping high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, successful middle market, and public companies. He is the Co-founder, President and CEO of Private Risk Development Advisors LLC, a national leader in bespoke private placement life insurance solutions. Bradley is also a Global Ambassador, XPRIZE Family Counsel, Co-founder and Director of a boutique multi-national insurance company that raised over $2 billion in alternative insurance risk, and Board member and Director of numerous insurance companies.

Additionally, Bradley is the Founder and CEO of two national networks of wealth advisors providing financial planning services for over 30,000 members and the Founder and CEO of a national training firm providing continuing education services to attorneys, CPAs, and other wealth advisors. He is also the Co-Developer of a global joint venture with an NYSE CPA firm and a mutual fund management platform for university professors through Fidelity Funds.

We spoke with Brad about his 2023 Exit Planning Summit Breakout Session, how he acts as a role model to others in his industry, and what he is most looking forward to at the Summit this month! 

What can Summit attendees expect from your session this May?

Brad: Our panel of top-tier tax attorneys will discuss advanced tax planning solutions for exit planning clients, designed not only to reduce the impact of taxation but also to accelerate the exit planning process. We will delve into four scenarios, including middle-market business sales, start-up equity, generational transfers, and charitably inclined sellers; all geared toward helping CEPA attendees achieve their clients' goals. 

What made you eager to speak at the 2023 Exit Planning Summit?

Brad: After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to our presentation at the 2022 Summit, we knew we had to come back and share even more valuable information. We firmly believe in Scott Snider’s thoughtful axiom that good exit planning is good business planning, and our strategies can help accelerate the exit planning process, a challenge many CEPAs face with their clients.

Why did you become a CEPA?

Brad: As a firm focused on helping other advisors in the exit planning process, I wanted to walk the walk and earn my CEPA designation. It's opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and communicating with clients, making our solutions more seamless for other CEPAs in their conversations with clients.

How has your practice grown since earning your CEPA credential?

Brad: Our ability to communicate with clients has improved, leading to the resolution of complex matters that might have otherwise been stagnant for years. Additionally, we've developed deeper relationships with advisors, leading to quicker case closures.

Other than your session, what are you most looking forward to about the Summit?

Brad: We're excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, sharing ideas and camaraderie that often gets lost in a siloed work-from-home environment.

Who are your role models in business?

Brad: I have many, and they share a goal to utilize technology to transform the world for the better. There’s a great quote from Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired, author, and renowned futurist) who says “Don’t be the best, be the only.” You can build an extraordinary career around that message.

How have you served as a role model for others in your industry and personal life?

Brad: Actions speak louder than words, and I strive to lead by example in both my personal and professional life. Whatever I’ve done as a role model is probably less impactful than how other role models have impacted me. I entered my teenage years with fists in the air, where the concept of trusting others in love and surrendering to God, family, or friends, has not always come easy to me. I’ve been hugely fortunate with friends who have helped me to be better at this. And it’s through their mentorship that my life has changed. Perhaps because of that, I have been able to help others as a role model.

How would you describe "exit planning" to someone who was not aware of it?

Brad: Exit planning isn't just about getting a bigger piece of the pie; it's about creating a bigger pie for all stakeholders involved. By beginning with the end in mind and planning thoughtfully, we can multiply shareholder value, increase profits, and create value for employees and other constituents. It's the most symbiotic and efficient planning a client can do. And, as Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else."

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