Building Significant Companies Through Value Acceleration

The Value Acceleration Methodology was created by Exit Planning Institute CEO, Christopher Snider, to reframe the exit planning conversation to be less about the exit and more about creating transferable business value today. EPI recently released three new pieces of content to educate professional advisors and business owners on this crucial topic. 

From Successful to Significant: Framework for a High Value Business Transition

The process of growing a significant company takes time and can be complex. This white paper from Exit Planning Institute takes the Value Acceleration Methodology and highlights how advisors incorporate it into their own businesses as well as those of their clients. 

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Centralized vs. Decentralized Business Owner Infographic

Do you understand the risks associated with a business that is completely dependent on the owner? See how owner centralized and decentralized businesses differ across seven categories related to business value. 

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A Framework to Build Value in Your Business: A Case Study on Value Acceleration

In 2013, Chris Snider created the Value Acceleration Methodology, a clear process for managing exit planning engagements and leading diverse teams. This case study reviews how active exit planning through the Value Acceleration Methodology comes to life in Chris and Scott Snider’s business, financial, and personal lives as owners of the Exit Planning Institute and how it can be implemented in your business. 

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