Exit Is Now: Plan Accordingly – A New Business Podcast from Scott Snider

Research shows that 35.4% of people listen to podcasts while they are at work. This number is only increasing with time. Between 2018 and 2019, those who listened at work almost doubled. With the large variety of podcasts available to these listeners, adding podcasting to your marketing strategy can seem futile. However, according to a study in 2018, 67% of listeners claim that podcasts positively impact their intellectual growth. Professionals are turning to podcasts to broaden their education around hyperspecific topics. 

Join Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute and lifelong entrepreneur, as he welcomes business owners and their expert advisors to discuss how they build significant value in their businesses through Value Acceleration on his new podcast, Exit Is Now: Plan Accordingly

Exit Is Now

During the live Exit Is Now podcast episodes, Scott will share his story as an entrepreneur, and how his businesses have incorporated the Value Acceleration Methodology into the very core of their organizational framework. 

Exit Is Now will explore how to grow value in your business and personal life by aligning your personal, business, and financial goals. Scott Snider shares, “Exit is Now, will talk about my life as an entrepreneur. As someone who has, let’s say, grown up through Value Acceleration. I want to show everyone how the Value Acceleration Methodology comes to life.” 

Listen to the Latest Episodes

Scott Snider describes the Exit Is Now podcast as “An opportunity to hear firsthand stories from exit planning professionals shared in a conversational environment.” 

Take a listen to the first few episodes of the Exit Is Now: Plan Accordingly Podcast and be sure to share your thoughts with us in a review!

Upcoming Episodes

We are thrilled to welcome business professionals, leadership coaches, family business advisors, and culture experts to the Exit Is Now Podcast studio in the coming months. 

Mark your calendars for our upcoming shows! 

March 1: Living on Purpose with Dr. Fred Johnson and Tracy Johnson

March 15: The Family in Your Business with Tom Deans and Amy Wirtz

March 29: The Importance of Culture and Collaboration with Ben Utecht

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