Insiders Bash Testimonials

Our Insiders Bash was a two-day virtual experience that included two keynote speakers, EPI Live Sessions with over 20 CEPAs, and networking opportunities. We are looking forward to hosting Insiders Bash again in the upcoming year in collaboration with our Exit Planning Summit. The Insiders Bash will return in the first half of 2021, followed by our annual Summit in the fall. The themes from Insiders Bash will carry over to our Summit and will give our CEPAs, as well as non-CEPAs and business owner clients, a multifaceted educational experience.

While we are awaiting feedback from all the attendees, we received the following testimonials from some of our CEPAs, advisors, and speakers. Our attendees enjoyed the quality of the speakers and the content shared, but it was the unique touches like making their own mocktail and receiving a recipe for an original pasta dish that made Insiders Bash an event to remember!

“Overall, I think the event was a huge success. We had 100 advisors come out to our first ever virtual style conference. I think it gave EPI a model to deliver highly effective content, speakers, and networking opportunities. This event certainly be back in 2021 as an option for CEPAs and non-CEPAs as well as their business owner clients.”  Scott Snider, VP of EPI on the success of the first Insiders Bash

“Your firm has the learned the zoom thing better than anyone else I work with. Congrats on a great two days” Keith Olson on the virtual experience

“Thanks for including me Scott — you and your team hosted a first-class event.  Thank you for sharing the other participant’s books… some great reading!!” – Tom Deans, Intergenerational Expert, Insiders Bash Keynote Speaker

“Great job this week by you and the EPI team!  The Insider’s Bash program was awesome!  I’m super excited to be part of the family.” – Brian P. Callanan on joining the EPI community

“Thank you both for the privilege of spending time with all of you this week.  I have enjoyed this experience immensely and look forward to opportunities to connect with all of you again.  Such an amazing experience!  You’ve been gracious, supportive, encouraging, professional and lots of fun! Keep the momentum going – You’re all doing a bang-up job!” – Laura Kellers Queen, Founder and CEO of 29 Bison, Insiders Bash Speaker


“My wife and I made the linguine for dinner and it was delicious! It was a little spicy, which was a good excuse for a glass of wine. We will definitely be having this on a regular basis.” – Tom Byler on our Pivoting Pasta recipe (download the recipe here)

“Good program.  I am glad I have attended.  Really enjoyed hearing from most of the speakers, but Fred Johnson really touched my heart!  He is really good.” – Claire Jones on the quality of Insiders Bash Speakers

“Many hours went into this event, and I believe there must have been uncertainty. I know the stress that, as an owner, has weighed in your mind. I know your team busted it to make this event happen. Please know that the last two days helped me! I took several key points away, which I will implement in my business instantly. Kindra Hall and Dan Duran, specific gave me two key nuggets, which I needed.” – Justin Goodbread, CEO of Heritage Investors, EPI Faculty, Insiders Bash EPI Live Speaker