Is Your Business Prepared For The 5 Ds? Explore New Exit Planning Institute Content

Did you know that 50% of businesses fail because of unintended consequences? 

These consequences can lead to bankruptcy, layoffs, and ultimately an unplanned exit as the business is forced to shut down or transfer at a price much less than what the owner wants, needs, or even deserves. Exit Planning Institute refers to these factors as the 5 Ds. Divorce, Disagreement, Disability, Distress, and Death.

To best mitigate the impact of the 5 Ds on a business and the owner's life, owners must first fully understand the negative consequences each can have on their organizations. We interviewed business experts, Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPAs), and trusted exit planning thought leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the 5 Ds that influence every business.

This quarter’s content highlights the impact the 5 Ds have on business value. We recommend sharing this with business owner clients during an engagement meeting to educate them more on the benefits of exit planning. Specifically, these pieces discuss the benefits of preparing owners for the possible negative outcomes of the 5 Ds on their exit planning and how to prepare for these outcomes. 

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The Impact of Unplanned Consequences on Business Value: How to Prepare Your Business for the 5 Ds 

Exit Planning Institute recently released a whitepaper that will dive deep into the impacts the 5 Ds can have on business value. Learn how professional advisors can help mitigate the risks associated with the 5 Ds and review a checklist to prepare owners for their eventual business exit. 


The 5 Ds Infographic

Exit Planning Institute created a new graphic displaying the 5 Ds that can negatively impact the success of a business. This infographic highlights the main attributes of each of these 5 Ds and provides advisors and owners with a checklist for building value in each facet of their business! 


Navigating a Succession Plan That is Impacted by the 5 Ds Case Study

See how the advisory team at WealthPoint worked with AZ Manufacturing on their succession plan, what strategies were implemented, and how the business is managed today. 


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